Our Data Centers Provide Value

CyrusOne data center solutions enable you to reduce Capex, mitigate risk, and scale faster

When you partner with CyrusOne, you can more effectively optimize the short and long term capital and operating costs associated with ever-changing IT priorities and data center planning challenges.

Turn Capex into Opex
One of the most significant benefits of data center colocation is that it enables you to turn capital expenditures (your data center and associated infrastructure costs) into variable operational expenditures (a flexible colocation agreement to scale up or down as needed).

For most companies, building energy efficient data centers that provide flexibility for additional power requirements in the future is not a core competency. CyrusOne's Massively Modular design methodology drives down operating costs for customers by building at a much larger scale and therefore more efficiently deploys the expensive capital for power generation and cooling as it is needed. This helps you control cost in a way not possible when your data center is in-house.

Mitigate Risk
Partnering with CyrusOne assists you in mitigating the risk of downtime through CyrusOne's 100% SLA guarantee. Confidently use CyrusOne facilities for your production server environments and enjoy the level of power and cooling redundancy within the data centers. Different levels of redundancy into the same floor space can be configured for less critical applications as well.

Disaster recovery and business continuity plans can also be established through various data center solutions provided at CyrusOne. And, by partnering with CyrusOne for your colocation needs, you alleviate the risk associated with building, owning, and operating your own data center.

Scale Faster
Capacity constraints, technology changes, organizational changes, and changing regulations all combine to make it incredibly difficult to plan future IT infrastructure. Your data center solutions need to be flexible and scalable to remain responsive to these ongoing changes.

  • Overcome capacity constraints – Instead of running up against capacity constraints in your current data center, leverage CyrusOne's Massively Modular™ data center design methodology, which enables you to very quickly scale up your IT infrastructure.
  • Respond to technology changes – Data center and server technologies are changing every day. With CyrusOne, you'll enjoy an adaptable infrastructure to meet higher density, higher availability requirements.
  • Comply with new regulations – If you need to meet Sarbanes Oxley or any other regulatory requirements, with CyrusOne you'll get an SSAE16 compliant facility that fulfills regulatory mandates. CyrusOne is also certified by TIA942 Top Tier (fault tolerant), HIPPA, PCI and LEED.
  • Accommodate organizational changes –With CyrusOne, you can quickly combine systems and leverage CyrusOne's infrastructure to make an integration or transition seamless.

Learn more about how you can mitigate risk, scale faster, and turn Capex into Opex. Contact CyrusOne online or call 1.866.297.8766 today.