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Home Depot’s Credit Card Breach Can Spell Trouble for Businesses

Credit Card Breach Speculation has been growing in recent weeks about a cyber-attack at Home Depot.  Just this week, the home improvement retailer confirmed the worst – hackers breached its computer systems earlier this year and may have stolen millions of customers’ credit and debit card information.  The New York Times estimates the number of hacked card numbers could exceed 60 million.

Although the giant retailer is popular among homeowners, a large percentage of its sales are attributed to small business owners.  Drew Reading, an analyst for Bloomberg Intelligence, estimates 40% of Home Depot’s sales come from businesses.  As a result, professional contractors and others in the building industry may be disproportionately affected.
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How Data Center Certifications Help Healthcare Companies with Compliance

Data Center SertificationsWith healthcare organizations transitioning from paper-based to digital records, the resulting explosion of data is causing the industry to face many issues.  IT professionals within these organizations must focus on implementing meaningful technology to improve patient care, data management and cost containment.  At the same time, healthcare companies must keep patient data secure and adhere to strict governmental regulations.
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Building Your Own Data Center is a Costly Choice

Building an Enterprise Data Center

Unless you’re the size of Google or Microsoft, you need to think twice about building an in-house data center.  A recent Forbes article entitled “Why, Unless You’re Running with Amazon, Google and Microsoft, You Should Never Build another Data Center,” stated leasing data center space makes better sense from a business and technical perspective.
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Getting Ahead of the Technology Curve: Top Four IT Trends for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses (SMBs)

Getting Ahead of the Technology Curve: Top Four IT Trends for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses (EMBs)Four IT trends facing SMBs today will have a profound impact on an organization’s future. SMB executives need to understand these technology trends and develop strategies now to leverage them.

The four top IT trends facing SMBs involve:

  • Big Data Growth
  • Cloud Adoption
  • Mobile Deployment
  • Data Security and Privacy

The Data Explosion
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Tips for Hiring IT Staff in Emerging and Medium-Sized Businesses (EMBs)

IT staff hiring EMBsAccording to the Small Business Administration, emerging and medium-sized businesses (EMBs) [SB1] account for about half the jobs in the private sector and about 55% of all jobs in the country.  Yet, it’s often difficult for EMBs to find quality employees who are well-qualified to do the job and are a good fit with the corporate culture.  Staffing IT positions has been especially challenging for smaller organizations, given the high demand for technical talent in today’s environment.
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Top 5 Benefits of Outsourcing to a State-of-the-Art Data Center

 State-of-the-Art Data CenterWith numerous benefits recognized by business of all sizes, data center outsourcing has gained traction as a viable alternative to building and managing an in-house facility.  Senior IT executives can no longer ignore the significant value proposition associated with colocation solutions.

As a result, demand for these services have grown considerably in recent years.  Data center hubs have been created across the country, including Dallas, Phoenix, Northern Virginia, Cincinnati, and Chicago.  Each of these centers offers millions of square feet in data center space.
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Four North Dallas Cities Will Combine 911 Emergency Services in Dallas Colocation Data Center

Data Center 911 ServicesCyrusOne’s Dallas, Texas colocation facility, located in the northern suburb of Carrollton, is now home to the “North Texas Emergency Communications Center.”  The three-year project combines the 911 emergency dispatch centers of four cities:  Farmers Branch, Addison, Coppell and Carrollton.

Taking up 12,000 square feet of space within the data center, the 911 center will dispatch fire, EMS and police help from one centralized location.  The unified dispatch center will improve response times and save money.  Sharing resources will allow faster processing of calls and provide seamless service.
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