Data Center Support

Smart Hands
As a provider of choice when it comes to remote assistance for customer network environments, CyrusOne’s highly trained and experienced data center technicians can handle a wide range of remote management and troubleshooting tasks for customers, including Smart Hands’ equipment and cable troubleshooting; device support such as rack and unrack); swappable hot part replacements; and power cycling. And if tape handling, power monitoring, shipping and receiving, and/or rack, cabinet, and cage management are on your “to do” list, capable technicians will quickly and seamlessly manage those tasks as well.

  1. Troubleshooting – Eliminate the need for onsite eyes and hands to examine your equipment. Get these critical services while also tapping into CyrusOne’s problem determination, solution recommendations, and administration of cable continuity tests that detect faults in the fiber or copper cables.

  2. Device Support – When it comes to comprehensive device support services, your organization needs:

    1. Rack and Unrack – Based on your instructions, CyrusOne gathers the needed materials, places the device in a specified position on cabinet rails, runs cables to the patch panel, connect them to the network device, and then connects the equipment to a power strip.
    2. Hot Part Replacement (Swappable) – Have your device component (e.g., a hard drive) removed or installed without powering down the device itself. You provide the instructions and materials (including shipping labels) and CyrusOne checks on part availability, retrieves the device from storage, removes the specified component, inserts the new component, and then prepares the old component for return to the original manufacturer.
    3. Power Cycling (Reboot). CyrusOne locates the device and then takes care of all of the steps involved with power cycling of that device.

  3. Tape Handling – Ensure proper rotation of the tape in use by ejecting the current tape, sending/receiving the tape, and then loading the new tape.

  4. Rack, Cabinet, and Cage Management – Power strips (prep cabinet, power up and label) are installed and cabinets (prep cabinet and install, power up and label) in installed and setup for use.

  5. Power Monitoring – Tap into the power of real-time monitoring and notification, including power whip usage monitoring and customer notification along with reporting of over- or underutilization.

  6. Shipping and Receiving – Stop worrying about the support involved with receiving, visually inspecting, transporting, securing, and checking-in/checking-out the equipment – CyrusOne has you covered on all of these fronts, and more.

Network Services – Connectivity
Wouldn’t it be great to have statewide data center interconnection at no additional cost for ports or circuits? In addition to IP Bandwidth, you can connect across CyrusOne facilities and telecom carrier hotels in Dallas, Houston, Austin, and San Antonio to enable statewide interconnection between all metro-enabled sites. (City-to-city connections are enabled via high-speed MPLS or optical wave wholesale connections.)

Easily configure a virtual on-net platform from a multitude of carriers and providers to achieve optimal fit and low cost interconnection using one of more of these setups:

  1. Internet Connectivity – IP Bandwidth includes high availability multi-carrier infrastructure platform service with 24x7 real-time monitoring and alerting. It also includes utilization reporting.

  2. Site-to-site Interconnection – Interconnect includes high availability site-to-site interconnect IP service for disaster recovery for hot/warm site, 24x7 real-time monitoring and alerting, and utilization reporting.

  3. CyrusOne National IX (Internet Exchange) – IP Bandwidth & Interconnect includes high availability IX combined with site-to-site interconnect IP service, high availability multi-carrier infrastructure platform service, and 24x7 real-time monitoring and alerting, including utilization reporting.

This connectivity-rich environment offers you greater flexibility, choice, affordability, network resilience, and speed to market. By leveraging CyrusOne’s network services you will seamlessly connect multiple sites or access third-party services via robust, secure data centers that were designed with your company in mind.

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