Culture at a CyrusOne Datacenter

At CyrusOne we don't have a cookie cutter culture a fact embodied by the diversity of our lifestyles.

The environment at a CyrusOne datacenter is full of momentum, energy and drive. We value a hard work ethic but recognize the importance of balancing one's lifestyle with extracurricular activities. Our employees are golfers, cyclists, rock climbers, adventure racers, outdoorsmen, tech geeks, music enthusiasts, moms, dads, etc.

At CyrusOne you will work among colleagues who share your enthusiasm, passion and commitment to be a high performer. You will work with the latest datacenter technology and tools, not to mention some of the industry's best, brightest, and experienced minds. Employees are provided with perks and benefits for their hard work, results, and commitment. We reward employees not only with financial incentives, but also with respect and a great working environment.

Creating value is a priority. We strive to lead the market with winning products and services as well as drive long-term client success by enabling them to focus on their business. We understand the big picture and why our datacenter products and services are critical to the industry and our clients.

At CyrusOne you will find more challenges and more rewards for your hard work and contributions.

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