What Customers Say About CyrusOne Enterprise Colocation Solutions

Select Testimonials from Customers

CyrusOne’s customers receive enterprise colocation solutions that are flexible and scalable, highly reliable, fully transparent, and supported by exceptional, personalized service:

Highly Reliable Infrastructure

“CyrusOne was an ideal partner to provide data center services for our operations. We were impressed with how they design and operate their innovative facilities. Along with working with multiple carriers, having the necessary power redundancies, and providing disaster recovery services, their security features are top notch, which is essential in the healthcare field.”

Todd Thomas
Austin Radiological Association

 “We work with data center partners that have the best facilities in their respective markets. We look for features including 24/7 access, multiple carriers, and redundant power. In addition to exceeding these requirements, CyrusOne was particularly attractive because of their footprint in several key markets. We’re looking forward to a long, productive partnership.”

Ryan Barbera
Unleashed Technologies

“I’m a big believer in colocation and in CyrusOne. Letting an experienced provider like CyrusOne manage facility-related areas such as heating, cooling, power, and physical security enables me and my team to focus on operating the county’s IT infrastructure. By freeing us from data center operations, we can now more efficiently deliver the service and quality that Travis County constituents require.”

Walter LaGrone
IT Operations Director
Travis County

“In order to deliver the best possible experience for all customers, we must have a production and disaster recovery solution that will deliver optimal uptime. The high levels of resiliency and redundancies in CyrusOne’s data center are exactly what we were looking for.”

Bob Tester
Senior Infrastructure Architect
The CINgroup

“We manage mission-critical data and web applications for our clients to help keep them ahead of the curve. The highly secure data center and 100 percent power uptime guarantee are absolutely critical for us. It gives us peace of mind knowing that we’re backed by a top-notch facility.”

Jason Huebner
Vice President and General Manager

“As healthcare systems evolve into a fully documented electronic medical record, data access and security is mission critical. Reliable IT services start with a facility located in an area at low risk for natural disasters that is hardened and secured, with highly available electrical, cooling, and monitoring—with controls for fire prevention, detection, and physical security. CyrusOne was selected for its ability to meet all these needs for Park Place and our customers.”

Mark Middleton
Director of Cloud Services
Park Place International

“We chose CyrusOne because we service and support large enterprises, middle market, and emerging companies that demand the highest levels of performance, availability, and security.”

Kurtis Kim
Director Advisory Services Practice
Accudata Systems


Flexibility to Scale for Future Growth

“We were seeking a data center partner that could accommodate our infrastructure growth as we opened new stores, and added applications and users. In our business we need the flexibility to deploy new systems quickly. By choosing CyrusOne, we have a long-term, scalable solution to meet future data center requirements as needed.”

Tony Fuller
Senior Vice President of Information Technology and Chief Information Officer

“It’s a big win for everyone… Outsourced IT management has come a long way. The price of outsourcing all of these headaches wasn’t that much more than the cost of co-location in our case. And CyrusOne is clearly the most solid choice. It proved to us beyond a doubt that its staff members know both their business and ours. And even with all their expertise, they proved flexible and helpful–an excellent cultural fit for our organization. We’re very comfortable with CyrusOne’s ability to deliver competitive advantage we can take to the marketplace and pass onto our customers.”

Chris Hutto
IT Vice President
Utility Choice Electric

“As we’ve captured greater market share over the last couple years, our connectivity demands have grown at an exponential rate. We wanted a partner that could help us continue to expand without having to tie up capital in infrastructure. CyrusOne was our top choice because they were able to deliver a comprehensive custom solution that saved us time, money and – just as important – helped us avoid a lot of headaches.”

Pete Rake
Manager of Infrastructure/SCADA Operations
Enbridge Energy Company Inc.

“We see CyrusOne as a true extension of our operation. While CyrusOne’s staff expertly manages our U.S. data center operations, we are free to focus on our core business and client needs. Additionally, CyrusOne’s facility has the infrastructure to allow us to grow without incurring bulk capital expenditures.”

Kit Cooper
Executive Vice President of Corporate Development
Hispanic Teleservices

“Beyond the quality of the Carrollton facility and its proximity to our Columbia operations, we liked the flexibility CyrusOne offered in terms of multiple locations across the country that are easily accessible by commercial air, and its interconnection capability.”

Joedy Lenz
Vice President and Chief Technology Officer


Proven Innovative Technology

“We see the combination of HPC and cloud technologies as an incredibly powerful solution with tremendous customer benefit. Customers who need immediate, high-performing computing solutions for shorter time frames can quickly realize revenue opportunities. Dell continues to invest in cloud enabling solutions to help our customers achieve faster business results.”

Nnamdi Orakwue
Vice President
Dell Cloud

 “Having access to CyrusOne’s National IX is a definite advantage for our company,” “We were drawn to CyrusOne due to their outstanding reputation in the oil and gas industry and the innovation of their National IX, which enables us to be present at several of the CyrusOne data centers in Houston without significantly increasing our costs.”

Morten Hagland
SVP of Business Services

“When reviewing the list of data center providers, CyrusOne emerged as the leader with their strong commitment to providing 100 percent uptime, robust connectivity through the CyrusOne National IX, and the highest levels of redundancy available in today’s data center environment.”

Derek Schulz
Chief Technology Officer

“When Tradentrix was evaluating data centers for its Infrastructure-as-a-Service offering, CyrusOne was hands down the best choice for our business.”

Brian Trudeau
Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Engineering

CyrusOne proved an ideal partner in that they met our performance requirements, matched our commitment to reducing environmental impact and were cost efficient. Their long-term mutual commitment in these areas gave us the confidence to choose CyrusOne as our North American data center provider.”

Bill Rickert
Manager of Global Compute Resources
Petroleum GEO


“With several clients already moving to premier colocation facilities, building relationships with high-caliber companies like CyrusOne is essential to establishing our credibility as a partner our customers can trust to satisfy their expectations…also, we anticipate CyrusOne’s statewide Internet exchange to be a major asset.

Kurtis Kim
Director Advisory Services Practice
Accudata Systems

“The Kaleidoscope Project redefines subsurface imaging capabilities, moving from a standard of approximations and best-guesses due to lack of computing power to one of precise algorithms designed for a new generation of processors. This opens up new commercial opportunities in hard-to-reach subsurface regions around the world. To meet the Kaleidoscope Supercomputer’s ultra-dense requirements and guarantee optimal installation and future-proof performance, we needed a colocation solution that delivered superior high-density capabilities across the board.”

Francisco Ortigosa
Chief Geophysicist and Project Leader


Exceptional Service Levels

“The way CyrusOne was able to deliver a complete, all-in-one solution with extremely rapid turnaround really impressed us. We gave them a very aggressive timeline and they hit it just like they said they would. Their flexibility and ability to meet a very wide range of requirements positions CyrusOne to grow with us beyond this first high availability disaster recovery solution to meet other IT needs.”

Director of IS Infrastructure Engineering and Production Operations Calpine


“We knew we wanted a data center partner so we could focus more of our attention on our core business. And while we expect to benefit from the space, power, cooling, and corresponding uptime delivery that CyrusOne offers, the big differentiator for selecting CyrusOne was the unmatched level of customer service its people deliver.”

Joedy Lenz
Vice President and Chief Technology Officer

“In the event of a disaster, it’s imperative that we maintain access to our business-critical systems. In addition, the high availability and redundancy built into their infrastructure and a close attention to detail and customer service were exactly what we were looking for in a data center partner.”

Scott Gautreau
Manager of Technology
Turner Industries


“We chose CyrusOne for its proven infrastructure and management record, its reputation for reliability, its carrier diversity, and the ‘never settle for less than the best’ attitude we both share.”

Brian Trudeau
Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Engineering

“It was imperative to select a data center provider that understood and shared our strong commitment to customer service. After a comprehensive review of the market, we were highly impressed with CyrusOne’s technical capabilities and their service-focused culture. In addition, their ability to deliver a connected, multi-site solution will yield tremendous efficiencies for our firm and clients.”

Mark BeMent
Chief Information Officer
Jackson Walker


“CyrusOne enables a single-source solution with military-grade security and a 100 percent power uptime guarantee to ease client concerns surrounding mission-critical data management.”

Kurtis Kim
Director Advisory Services Practice
Accudata Systems


 “CyrusOne built a team to support us that is knowledgeable, helpful, and responsive, which helps develop a sense of trust. They prove through every interaction that the company is truly interested in the success of our business.”

Joedy Lenz
Vice President and Chief Technology Officer