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CyrusOne’s Austin data center II boasts a nearly 70,000 sq. ft. complex. Designed with CyrusOne’s unique Massively Modular® concept, this data center enables rapid deployment of customer data center requirements and can quickly scale based on changing IT demands.

Key Features

Production & Co-Production Environment

Located in the Met Center business park, CyrusOne’s 70,000 square foot Austin data center II is the first of an optional four-phase, 288,000 square foot data center campus. Designed to CyrusOne’s power, cooling and security standards, the campus is ideal for production and co-production server environments for national, international and local companies.

Conveniently located just 7 minutes from Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, the Austin facility is surrounded by access to well-appointed hotels and several restaurants.

Massively Modular® Engineering

CyrusOne’s Massively Modular data center engineering is specifically designed to achieve optimal flexibility for even the largest scale deployment and build out.

CyrusOne can build out new data halls in just 12-16 weeks through aggressive sourcing and a just-in-time focus to meet customer demand.

The Massively Modular model frees customers from being confined by time, space, and/or flexibility constraints often found in other data center providers.

The Nation’s First National Internet Exchange

With CyrusOne’s National IX (Internet Exchange), customers can configure a virtual on-net platform from a multitude of carriers and providers, allowing optimal flexibility and interconnection with anyone at any connected facility and to the cloud – at no additional cost.

As part of CyrusOne’s National IX platform, this Austin data center provides interconnection to other CyrusOne data centers in Texas and beyond.

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Highlights of the Data Center in Austin – Met II


  • Will support up to 70,000 sq. ft. data center/41,000 sq. ft. raised floor, with 3 adjacent land pads available for growth
  • SSAE 16 (SOC I type II), PCI DSS (sec 9 & 12), HIPAA, ISO 27001, FISMA, TIA 942 Class 4
  • High Performance Computing (HPC) capable, supports 250 wpsf with the ability to support over 1,000 wpsf
  • Ability to hold up to 9 MW of critical capacity
  • Carrier-neutral, as well as dark-fiber connectivity option
  • Wholesale and retail colocation options
  • Part of CyrusOne National IX (Internet Exchange)
  • 100% uptime service level agreement on power
  • 24×7 staffed NOCC and remote hands support
  • Dedicated cages and private suite options available
  • Worksite recovery: customizable to fit client needs.


  • Up to 9MW of critical capacity
  • Supports 480 volt with TVSS
  • Two 400 MW capacity substations with dual underground, concrete encased feeds from electrical substations
  • Multiple levels of redundancy available within same footprint (e.g. N, 2N)
  • Multiple MGE 8000 625kVA UPS systems; each power leg has a dedicated UPS with battery backup
  • 300 kVA dual input PDUs with automatic transfer switches
  • Dual input PDUs with static transfer switches
  • Scalable 2.25 MW Detroit Diesel dedicated generators pre-wired for additional capacity
  • 3,300 belly tank and 12,000 gallon external tank
  • Batteries are isolated in a different room from the UPS.


  • 48-inch raised floor design
  • Utilizing Stultz 70-ton CRAH units with electronically commutated (EC) variable-speed fans
  • Highly efficient multiple 500 ton Trane chillers with fast restart and adaptive controlled microprocessors
    (ability to scale as density increases)
  • Redundant closed loop chilled water cooling design.


  • Reinforced physical structure, including concrete bollards and steel-lined wall options for security, and bullet resistant glass
  • Video surveillance and recording of the exterior and interior
  • On-site security guards 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Triple authentication man traps, revolving entrance doors; biometric and key card (color coded) security for rigid
    access control
  • Cabinet and cage security options include individual locks and biometric scanners
  • Perimeter fence.

Fire Protection

  • Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus (VESDA) system; sampling air in parts per million coupled with a zonal
    dual-action interlocking dry-pipe system.


  • 16 hotels and 15+ restaurants within three-mile radius of the data center
  • Seven minutes from Austin-Bergstrom International Airport
  • Secure parking for customers and visitors.

Certifications & Audits

  • pci-dss
  • pci-dss
  • hipaa
  • fisma
  • a-lign
  • anab


CyrusOne Austin Data Center II @ The Met Center


7301 Metropolis Drive, Bldg #6
Austin, TX 78745


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