Redundant Data Center Cooling

Eliminate Overheating Risks with Redundant Data Center Cooling

CyrusOne data center cooling technology maintains parallel redundancy protocols to ensure your environment always receives the cooling it needs to run at optimum levels.

CyrusOne’s redundant cooling systems work to maintain temperature stability and performance while consuming less energy.

Data Center Cooling Systems

Advanced HVAC and cooling equipment deliver top-tier performance. Each system is independently dual-powered to support optimal operation and CFD efficiency targets.

CyrusOne’s data center cooling systems:

  • Maximize efficiency by preventing hot air contamination
  • Utilize cooling redundancy for stability and performance
  • Enable high performance compute power densities

Ambient temperature and humidity are monitored 24×7 via CyrusOne’s Network Operations Center – so you can rest easy knowing someone’s monitoring the temperature of your vital equipment.

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