Redundant Data Center Cooling

Eliminate the risk of a meltdown with redundant data center cooling

It's the stuff of CIO nightmares: the data center cooling system goes down, and the servers begin to overheat, ruining millions of dollars of equipment and jeopardizing business operations.

Data center cooling disasters don't play out that way in real life, of course, but the reality is not too far off. It is critical to ensure you have redundant data center cooling so systems remain at optimal operating temperatures.

That's why CyrusOne data center cooling design maintains parallel redundancy protocols. With advanced HVAC and cooling equipment systems you get top tier performance. Each system is independently dual-powered to support optimal operation and CFD efficiency targets.

Ambient temperature and humidity are monitored 24x7 via CyrusOne's Network Operations Center – so you can rest easy knowing someone's awake and watching the temperature of your vital equipment and data.

Learn what CyrusOne is doing to keep your hardware cool. Schedule a data center tour, contact CyrusOne online or call 1.866.297.8766 today.