Redundant Data Center Power

Get fully redundant data center power backed by a 100% uptime SLA

You should expect a 100% uptime service level agreement, no matter how demanding your power requirements are. At CyrusOne, that's what you'll get, because CyrusOne uses advanced parallel power support architectures to achieve 100% uptime with no interruption in data center power availability.

How does CyrusOne do it? By designing data centers with:

  • Separate parallel transformers with separate parallel underground utility feeds to ensure seamless core power availability
  • Dual power feeds from multiple power distribution units (PDUs) within each enclosure to support optimal distribution of electric power, with no downtime
  • Multiple generators, fuel tanks, and batteries to ensure seamless power continuity and 100% uptime for all components within the facility

Fully redundant data center power architectures of the kind described here are not typical among in-house enterprise data centers since they require significant expertise and capital expenditures to design and build. By colocating with CyrusOne you can enjoy the benefits of fully redundant data center power without developing the expertise and incurring the Capex in-house

See fully redundant data center power in action. For a tour of a CyrusOne data center, contact CyrusOne online or call 1.866.297.8766 today.