CyrusOne Express™ – Solutions for Small & Medium Businesses

Outsource your Data Center for Peace of Mind and Future Growth

Leaders of growing businesses often face a critical IT decision: live with the constraints of an in-house data center or partner with a colocation provider.

Since trying to predict the IT needs of your business 1, 2 or even 5 years down the road is a surprisingly difficult challenge, many companies are choosing colocation.

Colocation enables organizations to scale infrastructure capacity as needed, without large capital investments or needing to guess future space needs.

CyrusOne Express™ – Cabinet Packages

Basic Standard Premium
Low Monthly Price $499 $699 $799
Full Locking Cabinet
Month-to-Month Term
Up to 3Kw / Cabinet
Power Redundancy 1N, A 1N, A+B Redundant Power, A+B
Primary 120VAC / 30A Circuit
Redundant 120VAC / 30A Circuit from Same PDU
Redundant 120VAC / 30A Circuit from Different PDU
Primary Cross-Connect
Secondary Cross-Connect
1Mbps Internet Bandwidth
3Mbps of Internet Bandwidth
5Mbps of Internet Bandwidth
Burstable Internet Bandwidth
For Customers Seeking Alternative to back office or seeking disaster recovery Higher uptime on applications Critical applications
Low Monthly Price $499 $699 $799


* 24″W cabinets, with combination locks on front and back
** Express Packages are limited to 4 cabinets maximum
*** One-time installation charge for each cabinet will apply
**** Above pricing is applicable to CyrusOne’s Carrollton, Phoenix, North Cincinnati / Lebanon, and Austin facilities.
***** No SLA
Please check for pricing at other CyrusOne facilities. Other restrictions may apply.

The Benefits of CyrusOne Express™

  • High quality cabinets to get optimum air flow performance
  • Exceptional pricing on several colocation configurations to meet different business requirements
  • Incremental upgrades on bandwidth and power for improvements in application responses, data transfers, and denser system solutions
  • World-class colocation facilities that are often out of reach for small- and medium-sized businesses
  • Fast implementation and quality support.