CyrusOne Solutions Build-to-Suit


For Large Scale Build-to-Suit IT Deployments

CyrusOne Solutions is a product line tailored to solving unique customer requirements for large scale deployments of mission critical IT assets through innovative engineering solutions.

CyrusOne Solutions covers projects ranging from 30,000 square feet of raised floor all the way up to an entire greenfield data center build.

CyrusOne Solutions Puts You in the Driver’s Seat

CyrusOne’s experienced team of data center design, development, and operations professionals has built dozens of the world’s most innovative and efficient data centers. CyrusOne Solutions puts this experience to work for you to develop the best data center solution for your growing business.

Use your own designs or work with CyrusOne’s design team to build a custom data center solution to fit your company’s requirements, including:

  • Development of new data halls or optimization of existing data halls
  • Design, build, and deliver an entire greenfield data center
  • Strategic advice on data center technologies, sites, deployments, and migrations
  • Implementation of industry best practices, systems, and protocol developed through years of experience.

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Built for Tomorrow. Ready Today.

CyrusOne Solutions is a perfect match for customers requiring trusted insight when designing, constructing, and/or operating non-traditional deployments of their mission critical assets.

CyrusOne’s experts will work with you to develop a solution to best fit your current and future needs.

Enjoy the Many Benefits of CyrusOne Solutions

CyrusOne Solutions benefits include:

  • Quality Planning and Design – to optimize space, power, cooling and connectivity
  • Rapid Time to Market – typically data halls built within 3 months and stand-alone facilities within 7 months after site selection
  • Different Electrical System Redundancy Levels – can be adjusted to meet company needs
  • Various Cooling System Options – based on location and efficiencies targeted to lower facility operating costs
  • Range of Power-Density Choices – to deliver the right reliability and uptime for different business applications
  • Fast Expansion Options – quickly scale to meet your future needs
  • Robust Connectivity Options – high bandwidth and high availability data circuits can be brought on-line to meet tight performance levels.

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The Massively Modular® Approach

In addition to CyrusOne Solutions, CyrusOne provides other configurations for large and small deployments including partial data halls built with CyrusOne’s Massively Modular® quick deployment engineering (ready in approximately 12 – 16 weeks), large suites and cages built out to fit your footprint configuration, and individual cabinets for smaller deployments.

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With over 30 locations worldwide, CyrusOne is trusted by nearly half of the Fortune 20 and more than 175 of the Fortune 1000.
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