Enjoy Peace of Mind with Ongoing Data Center Solutions from CyrusOne

Let CyrusOne experts be your on-site support for routine data center solutions. You can get professional technical assistance from CyrusOne employees who become almost an extension of your own IT staff.

CyrusOne can help keep your equipment running and in optimal condition.

Routine maintenance and performance-related tasks can be easily completed by CyrusOne.

CyrusOne’s Trusted Data Center Solutions

Onsite data center services can include:

  • Communications (status)
  • Hardware support
  • Health check
  • Installation (upgrade)
  • Data center capacity management
  • Removal
  • Replacement
  • Reporting
  • Tape management
  • Shipping and receiving.

Preferred Data Center Provider and Trusted Advisor

As an operator of more than 30 data centers in the U.S., Europe, and Asia, CyrusOne customers can rely on expert service within our facilities:

  • Data center solutions are led by CyrusOne employees
  • An experienced implementation team that understands the complexities of various-sized organizations’ requirements for key processes, information handling, and security needs, as well as change management, incident management, and service management
  • No hidden tack-on fees for building management, security personnel, janitorial services, and preventative maintenance
  • Complete transparency in communications, management, billing, and service delivery.

Executive Report – 7 Critical Success Factors for Choosing a Reliable Data Center Provider

This executive report explains the 7 critical success factors when examining a data center provider to ensure continuous uptime in a secure, safe, and well-connected environment.

Learn how savvy IT leaders evaluate outsourced data centers to reduce operational costs, focus IT staff back on the business, and extend their resources to ensure innovation is occurring to grow their business.