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Consolidate Your Data Centers with CyrusOne

Meet your agency’s evolving data center needs or talk to CyrusOne about options to help fulfill the Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative’s (FDCCI) goals.

You can maintain cost controls while getting exceptional data center performance, reliability, and uptime.

With more than two dozen carrier-neutral data center facilities across the United States, Europe, and Asia, CyrusOne can provide you with the flexibility and scale to match your specific needs.

CyrusOne is renowned for exceptional service and for building enduring customer relationships and high customer satisfaction levels.

Solving Local, State, or Federal Data Center Needs

Get a trusted partner that delivers highly reliable data center services and colocation solutions. Enjoy facilities engineered for low or high power-density infrastructure and a track record of excellent availability, including the highest possible power redundancy architecture (2N).

Get Robust, Low-Cost Connectivity with CyrusOne National IX

Your agency can access the CyrusOne National IX, which marries low-cost robust connectivity with massively scaled data centers creating the first-ever data center platform that virtually links a dozen of CyrusOne’s enterprise facilities in multiple metropolitan markets.

The CyrusOne National IX, coupled with the CyrusOne’s multiple dispersed locations and available 100 percent uptime service level agreements, enables government entities and Fortune 500 enterprises to implement a cost-effective, multi-location data center platform.

Create your own production and disaster recovery platforms to help manage your disaster recovery needs and applicable regulatory or industry-specific requirements such as FISMA, Sarbanes Oxley, HIPAA, and PCI.

Meet Your Government Mandates

Consolidate your data centers to meet the government mandates or distribute infrastructure to better serve your customers and employee centers.

Explore a New Option – CyrusOne’s Data Center in Sterling, Virginia

CyrusOne’s Northern Virginia data center offers superior fiber connectivity options due to its direct access to one of the largest Internet Exchange Points in the country.

This new state-of-the-art facility in Northern Virginia:

  • Accommodates a facility shell of approximately 400,000 square feet
  • Provides up to 240,000 square feet of raised floor space
  • Offers 36,000 square feet of Class A office space
  • Delivers up to 48 megawatts of critical load.

Case Study – County Government Selects Colocation for Expanding IT Infrastructure

Travis County is the fifth largest county in the state of Texas. After several near-disasters which put their IT infrastructure in danger, this county government sought out a secure, cost-effective data center solution.

Learn why Travis County ultimately selected CyrusOne as their colocation provider.

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