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“Yes, You’d Have to Be Crazy to Build Your Own Data Center.”
Are you a data center farmer or an.. Learn More
The Top Four BYOD Security Risks and How Enterprise Firms Combat Them
Bring your own device (BYOD) – the use of personal tablets, computers and smartphones for work – is becoming commonplace. But what logical security.. Learn More
Are Your Own Employees Putting Your Business at Risk?
While companies invest millions of dollars in state-of-the-art security measures to protect their financial and intellectual assets, they typically overlook the biggest risk of.. Learn More
Seven Red Flags to Watch Out for When Selecting a Data Center Provider
When evaluating data centers, businesses need to weigh the pros and cons of each data center carefully. Learn More
Ponemon Research Confirms Data Center Outsourcing Trend
More companies are selecting colocation providers to help efficiently manage increasingly complex data center environments, lower capital and operating costs, and shore up their.. Learn More
Defining Data Security
Whatever business vertical a company is – finance, healthcare, legal, technology, etc., there’s a business and financial obligation to keep sensitive information secure. How.. Learn More
Federal Data Centers: The Build vs. Buy Decision.
Due to the explosion of data, new applications and expanding IT support platforms, federal data center needs are meeting new challenges. Learn More
Healthcare Providers Seek Out New Ways To Manage and Utilize Big Data
Healthcare reform is focused on not only improving how you manage data, but how you use it. More collaboration is necessary, data sharing is.. Learn More
Six Key Considerations for Financial Firms to Meet the Fast Growing Technology Demands of FinTech Services
A growing number of financial companies are colocating their data centers to reduce costs, increase security, and speed development of mobile services. Learn what.. Learn More
How Big Internet Organizations Can Scale IT Infrastructure Securely, Rapidly, and Inexpensively
To meet the unprecedented growth of the digital universe, Big Internet companies are required to scale massively and with extraordinary speed. This executive report.. Learn More
4 Critical Steps Financial Firms Must Take for IT Uptime, Security, and Connectivity
Every day, banks grapple with over 1.9 petabytes of data and are finding themselves constrained in many ways by their in-house data centers. Learn.. Learn More
Key Steps to Obtain Better Geophysical Data Analysis and Operations in Data Centers
Oil and gas companies require fast access to ever-increasing amounts of seismic data, state-of-the-art data center services and security, and robust network flexibility. Learn.. Learn More
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