Flexible Data Center Design

A simple concept to grasp, flexible design refers to a scalable, customized data center design that matches the speed and growth of your business.  CyrusOne’s flexible design is tailored to the exact requirements of your company – both today and tomorrow.  You won’t find a similar solution anywhere else. 

CyrusOne’s Massively Modular™ data center technology is specifically designed to achieve optimal flexibility for even the largest scale deployment and build out.  Using this specialized technology, we typically beat the deployment speeds of most of today’s data center and box solutions. 

In fact, we design and build new data hall facilities and bring them to market in just 16 weeks.  And, through aggressive sourcing, CyrusOne delivers just-in-time inventory to meet your demand.  Our unique model outshines our competitors who are often confined by time, space and flexibility constraints.

A broad range of critical design and configuration factors contribute to CyrusOne’s superior flexibility, including:

  • Low to very high density solutions tailored to the rack level
  • Full physical configuration within the facility, ranging from racks and cages to suites and data halls
  • Modular growth options within the data halls
  • Greenfield and retrofit capabilities
  • Redundancy customized to the rack level (2N, N+1, 1N)
  • The ability to choose your own managed service providers and/or carriers
  • Accommodating contracts that allow you to ramp into your purchased power and space over a given time period
  • Onsite dedicated or shared office space availability

For more information about our flexible data center design, please contact us online or call (855) 564-3198 today.