CyrusOne - the preferred data center provider to global Fortune 1000 companies.

With 9 of the global Fortune 20 companies and over 130 of the Fortune 1000 as customers, CyrusOne's data center solutions enable firms to shift precious IT resources toward driving core business growth and innovation.

Enterprise IT needs continually evolve to meet technological changes, data and application growth, and business expansion. In response, companies are realizing the need for flexible, scalable data center services that don't tie-up precious capital and operating resources.

Many top companies view partnering with a data center provider as no longer just an option, but a business necessity.

Are you taking advantage of the latest data center solutions to reduce capital risks and realize operational efficiencies?

CyrusOne delivers the high-density, mission critical data center services at a scale unmatched by competitors. CyrusOne customers enjoy:

safe harborWith more than two dozen across the US, as well as Europe and Asia, CyrusOne delivers a high-quality, well-connected data center alternative for enterprise customers, as well as small and medium sized businesses, looking to secure their IT infrastructure and redeploy valuable resources against their core business.

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