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The CyrusOne Partner Program is for partners who are involved in selling or referring CyrusOne data center solutions to their customers.

CyrusOne offers two unique and beneficial partnering opportunities as a Hosting Partner or a Referral Partner:

Hosting Partner - Build your portfolio by adding CyrusOne data center solutions in your product set earning incremental margin on the solutions enabled by CyrusOne. Ensure your client's network is always available, secure, and easily expandable. Use our top tier data centers to provide you the technical solutions and superior customer service to help your clients.

Expand your offerings to prospective clients by including the colocation and enterprise hosting services of CyrusOne.

Along with best in class colocation and data center solutions, we also provide an experienced support team to help make you as successful as possible.

All new participants must apply using the Hosting Partner Program Sign-up Form.

Referral Partner - Submit qualified opportunities for data center hosting and you earn commissions from any deal that closes. You must first register in our referral system and then enter your referral opportunity in order to be properly compensated.

The CyrusOne Referral Partner Program provides you the opportunity to earn generous commissions for referring sales opportunities that convert into closed business. Access the application form using the link below, and upon successful registration and approval, you can register your data center opportunities. All referral leads will be expertly handled by CyrusOne sales professionals.

Fill out the application form and press "submit". If you have any additional questions, please call us at (855) 564-3198.

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