CyrusOne Provides Everything You Need to Improve IT Performance

Leverage Massively Modular™ data center technology and expertise to deliver best-in-class IT performance, flexibility and reliability

CyrusOne's Massively Modular™ data center approach provides you with a number of unique benefits. Being Massively Modular™ delivers significant construction and asset utilization efficiencies not achievable in smaller facilities.

How does CyrusOne do it? There are a number of elements to the Massively Modular™ approach that allow CyrusOne to rapidly deploy a data center:

  • Investing in common infrastructure (land, building shell, substation, fire protection, and management systems) upfront
  • The modular and scalable design facilitates easy “plug-in” of electrical and mechanical subsystems when needed
  • Building increments scalable to meet customer requirements
  • Infrastructure on the outside, computer on the inside

What's more, CyrusOne can typically build your full data hall solution in a record breaking 14 weeks. Aggressive sourcing enables a speedy development of the space, which, in turn, enables CyrusOne to deliver inventory just in time to match your demand.

CyrusOne provides power usage effectiveness (PUE) at the top of the industry. These energy efficiencies are driven by a best-in-class facility cooling approach and design. But more importantly, it translates into cost efficiencies and savings for customers.

You'll also get a facility designed to run some of the highest power densities in the industry, which in turn enables advanced, high-performance computing servers to reach maximum efficiencies.

Colocation solutions and related data center services – it’s what CyrusOne does best

Providing colocation solutions and related services to enterprises is CyrusOne's core competency and customers realize a number of unique benefits:

  • CyrusOne colocation solutions provide highly flexible design architectures that support power requirements exceeding 250 kilowatts per square foot – designed to provide optimal redundancy, efficiency, and reliability.
  • CyrusOne's data centers are carrier neutral, so you're free to choose your data center connectivity provider.
  • CyrusOne's consultative data center implementation process is targeted to understanding your unique requirements. Then, you'll get an engineering solution that meets those requirements.
  • CyrusOne's state-of-the-art data centers also provide access to related data center services.
  • CyrusOne's military-grade 24/7/365 security, reliable power and connectivity, and strategic global locations can make CyrusOne your disaster recovery and business continuity center of choice.

Join more than 130 of the Fortune 1000 and nine of the Fortune 20 companies and realize the benefits of data center colocation with CyrusOne. Contact CyrusOne online, schedule a data center tour or call 1.866.297.8766 today.