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NEF is a leading telecom professional services firm delivering high bandwidth fiber networks and colocation solutions. NEF has earned the reputation for being the go-to-resource for research, analysis, design, due diligence and procurement for optical networks and data center space.

Company Overview

  • Headquarters: Newton, MA
  • Founded in 2004
  • Broad national reach, including relationships with hundreds of metro, regional and national fiber providers, CLECs and data centers
  • Thousands of installations completed to date, including design, implementation and upgrade on network and colo facilities
  • Provide value in a variety of projects for clients from Fortune 500 companies to smaller boutique firms

Products & Services Overview

  • High capacity fiber networks – dark fiber and “lit” services
  • FiberLocator fiber mapping application
  • Colocation and data center services
  • Managed hosting, MPLS, private lines, IP, fast Ethernet
  • Specialized networks including low latency, diverse paths
  • Cloud hosting, backup & recovery / DR networks
  • Project management & implementation support


Finding and implementing cost-effective, practical telecom/data center solutions for large infrastructure projects such as fiber optic network deployments, data center site selection/feasibility, private fiber/conduit systems and more

  • Expertise in high cap network infrastructure
  • Innovative suite of network intelligence
  • Mapping tools, and the key relationships spanning decades in the industry
  • Awareness of client requirements such as low latency, high availability, data centers, and BC/DR solutions

Consulting & Feasibility Studies

Comprehensive reports each tailored to address individual client goals

  • Deliver unparalleled research, analysis and insights specific to each client
  • Clients can choose informative maps, and/or detailed reports to help make informed decisions regarding data centers, network connectivity, real estate purchases and more

Maps & Data

FiberLocator unique and comprehensive database cataloging hundreds of fiber providers and thousands of data center properties in the US

  • Most up-to-date network intelligence and maps platform available
  • Data center database encompassing thousands of providers of metro and long haul optical fiber networks, data center space and lit buildings
  • Descriptive intelligence on providers and network locations
  • Carrier-neutral to help clients identify and develop the optimal network

Customer Profile

NEF represents and supports a wide variety of enterprise companies, carriers, and data center vendors nationwide. Our sweet spot is network intelligence, design, and procurement in the domestic USA. Some network project types that fit us best are:

  • Office to Data Center connectivity. Sourcing all the options that allow for communication between the main HQ hub and data center
  • Network/Carrier diversity. Sourcing all the options that allow for both route and carrier diversity from the primary circuits
  • Alternative Carrier Options. Sourcing all the options beyond the traditional ILECS
  • Office Relocation. Understanding network availability for a new location before making an investment
  • Fiber Mapping. We have developed the most comprehensive mapping platform that is available commercially. This tool allows you to identify fiber nationwide
  • Data Center Connectivity. Sourcing all possible Internet options
  • Latency Analysis. Sourcing the “fastest” fiber network routes/design plans to meet latency requirements
  • Carrier last mile procurement
  • New data center site selection/asset brokerage for data center vendors

Why NEF?

Save Time & Resources

  • NEF helps clients forgo the time and resource allocation it takes to compile all the pricing, factors, and research involved in planning for large infrastructure projects such as fiber optic network deployments, data center site selection/feasibility, private fiber/conduit systems and more.
  • There is no typical “middle-man” mark-up in brokerage services. (Often same or better pricing than the direct carrier reps can offer themselves.)

Niche Expertise

  • NEF’s deep and focused high cap and colo expertise, access to millions of fiber miles, and carrier-neutral mission enables trusted recommendations on the best, most feasible network solutions.

More Options

  • NEF has agreements with virtually all of the fiber and colocation providers in the country (and many international providers as well), providing clients ALL of the options that are available, not just a handful.


  • As a neutral third party, NEF advocates on clients’ behalf and seeks the solutions that are in their best interests. From selection to negotiation to implementation, NEF is there every step of the way to optimal.

Company Information

Joy Milkowski
V.P. of Marketing

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