About Us – An Enterprise Data Center Provider

Enterprise Data Centers for the World’s Largest Companies

CyrusOne offers a portfolio of more than 30 data centers across the U.S., Europe and Asia, comprising over 3 million square feet of total net rentable square footage (NRSF).

Global firms seeking enterprise colocation solutions have consistently selected CyrusOne. Currently serving nearly 900 customers worldwide, CyrusOne’s strong growth over the past 15 years has made it the third-largest data center provider in the U.S.

From the Fortune 20 to the Fortune 1000 and beyond, companies trust CyrusOne to provide scalable, reliable and secure data centers and connectivity solutions to meet their ever-changing needs.

Join the more than 160 companies of the Fortune 1000 that take advantage of best-in-class data center solutions at CyrusOne.

Flexible Solutions that Scale as Customers Grow

CyrusOne provides scalable, flexible data center solutions that match proper space and power to evolving business and applications needs. Consider a few of the CyrusOne benefits:

  • Thorough assistance in scoping, engineering and implementation ensure that enterprise solutions are right-sized for business needs now, and in the future.
  • Redundancy tailored to the rack level enables the customer to choose the level of power redundancy for a range of applications (2N, N or both).
  • Contract flexibility gives customers options for ramping into purchased power and space over a determined period of time.
  • Freedom to choose managed service providers for maximum flexibility.
  • Dedicated or shared office space available for permanent or temporary staffing.
  • Massively Modular® engineering delivers data-hall build outs within 12-16 weeks, to ensure that growth space is available when needed.
  • 100% uptime service-level agreements (SLAs) available.

Proven, Innovative Technology Delivers Savings

Proven, leading-edge technology delivers reliability, improved service and savings through available 2N redundancies; high-density footprints; and robust, low-cost connectivity over the CyrusOne National Internet Exchange (IX). The benefits of CyrusOne technology include:

  • Power densities up to 900 W per square foot so you can scale your server environment vertically.
  • Certifications and audits including SSAE16, TIA 942 Class 4, ISO 27001, HIPAA, PCI-DSS and FISMA.
  • The CyrusOne National IX provides robust, low-cost connectivity within and between metros to help you drive revenue, reduce expenses and improve service quality.
  • The CyrusOne Multi-facility Interconnected Platform enables you to mix and match data centers using the National IX.
  • Up to 2N redundancy for mechanical and electrical systems provides a highly resilient environment.
  • CyrusOne Solutions™ deliver large-scale build-to-suit IT deployments that are tailor-made and swiftly built, for unique data center requirements.
  • Advanced security protocols with at least seven levels of physical protection deliver peace of mind.

Exceptional Service to Provide High-Quality Attention

Exceptional service and support from CyrusOne consultants in all stages of design, build, installation, management and reporting ensures that your mission-critical environment receives the high-quality attention it deserves.

  • Service activities led by CyrusOne employees.
  • Data centers designed and built by CyrusOne to the highest industry standards.
  • CyrusOne engineering and design services.
  • Experienced implementation team that understands the complexities of various-sized organizations’ requirements.
  • No hidden fees for building management, security personnel, janitorial services or preventive maintenance.
  • Complete transparency in communications, management, billing and service delivery.
  • Available customer references and access to CyrusOne’s executive team.

Plus, you’ll be plugged into CyrusOne’s partner ecosystem and its robust community of support, with a wide variety of value-added managed service options.

CyrusOne is a Trusted Adviser

Let CyrusOne focus on building and operating your data center so you can focus on growing your business and serving your customers. Selected by nearly half of the Fortune 20 for data center services, shouldn’t CyrusOne be your choice as well?

CyrusOne and Massively Modular are registered trademarks of CyrusOne.