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Virtual Sprout

Virtual Sprout provides Cloud Computing, Data Center Colocation, and a variety of Value Added Service in the IT Infrastructure space. With customers nationwide, Virtual Sprout focuses on the Ohio Valley and surrounding markets. By utilizing pre-engineered IT Infrastructure components in conjunction with an assortment of world class IT Consultation and other value added services, Virtual Sprout is able to provide a boutique solution to its middle market and enterprise customers.

  • Headquarters: Columbus, OH
  • Cloud Computing, Data Center Colocation, Value Added Services
  • Focusing on Middle Market Commercial to Enterprise
  • Geographies Covered: Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan & Pennsylvania
  • Experience providing cloud services since 2003
  • Deep expertise in Virtualization, Storage, and Complex IT environments
  • World Class Project Management


Cloud Computing

  • IaaS – Private Cloud
  • IaaS – Virtual Private Cloud
  • BaaS – Backup as a Service
  • DRaaS – Disaster Recovery as a Service
  • Data Center Interconnect (Vfabric)
  • Robust Security Solutions

Data Center Colocation

  • Space – Rack Units, Partial Cabinets, Full Cabinets
  • Managed Power Infrastructure
  • Dedicated Internet
  • Cross Connects and Data Center Interconnect (Vfabric)
  • Metro and Intercity Ethernet Private Line and MPLS Interconnect
  • Remote Hands and Data Center Migration Services

Value Added Services

  • IT Consultation – Assess, Design, Implement, Manage IT Infrastructure – Hardware and Software
  • (Networking, Storage, Compute, Security, Backup and Recovery.

Key Differentiators

Customer Centric – There is only one constant in being an IT Service Provider, and that is the customer is the center of our universe. Whether it involves creating a new solution or fixing a problem, we start with the Customer first, and everything else follows.

Flexibility – There is no such thing as one size-fits-all, so why should your IT solution force you into a box? With a variety of operational and financial models, Virtual Sprout starts with a customer’s needs and builds from there.

Intelligent – Two out of three associates at Virtual Sprout are engineering or support focused.

Value Minded – Unlike other providers, content on providing me-too solutions, Virtual Sprout continuously looks for new and innovative ways to solve our customer’s challenges, providing multiple vectors of value.

Ideal Customer Profile

  • Growing SMB through Enterprise with a focus on middle market commercial
  • Customers looking to utilize Cloud technologies of IT Infrastructure outsourcing programs
  • Companies looking to increase availability, redundancy, and resiliency through better infrastructure, backup, and disaster recovery programs
  • Forward-thinking organizations willing to explore alternative technologies
  • Verticals: Health Care, Financial Services, Legal, SaaS providers, Manufacturing, etc.

Qualifying and Technical Questions

  • Is your organization virtualized and if so to what degree?
  • Do you utilize cloud technologies in your business today?
  • Are you concerned about data privacy and the impact of a data breach on your company?
  • Are you looking to decrease your organization’s time spent on managing IT infrastructure?
  • Are you currently outsourcing any part of your Information Technology today?
  • How does your organization handle recovery including backup and disaster recovery?
  • Can you successfully restore from your backups? How long would it take to recover from a major disaster?
  • Does regulation impact I.T. decisions? (HIPAA, PCI, FISMA)
  • Can your organization’s virtualized workloads run in hybrid/Virtual Private Datacenter or do performance, privacy, or other concerns dictate a private infrastructure?
  • Does the current datacenter/I.T. infrastructure space meet uptime requirements?
  • Is I.T. keeping up with business demands? Is business growth outpacing I.T capacity?
  • Where do you have your IT infrastructure located today? Are you currently outsourcing?
  • Is there a preference for OPEX or CAPEX budgeting?
  • Is there openness to alternative technologies and providers that drive significant value?

Become a Partner

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