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Defining Data Security

Whatever business vertical a company is – finance, healthcare, legal, technology, etc., there’s a business and financial obligation to keep sensitive information secure. How to ensure data security is a seemingly simple question with a very complicated answer. Recent devastating company security breaches are adding even more complications to the process.

Learn what to do to ensure data security.

Federal Data Centers: The Build vs. Buy Decision

Due to the explosion of data, new applications and expanding IT support platforms, federal data center needs are meeting new challenges.

Top 8 Reasons to Run, Not Walk, Away from a Data Center Provider

This executive report explores the top 8 red flags that should signal major concern when it comes to your data center provider. By knowing these warning signs, you can be sure to avoid providers that may not be a long-term match for your IT infrastructure – while saving your company money and headaches along the way.

Learn how savvy IT leaders evaluate outsourced data centers to reduce operational costs, focus IT staff back on the business, and extend their resources to innovate to meet the demands of marketplace.

Using the CyrusOne National Internet Exchange (IX) for Active-Active, Active-Passive and Active-DR Interconnection

This executive report shows how you can mix and match high-quality data centers and then access the CyrusOne’s National Internet Exchange (IX) to get a robust connectivity solution for your production and disaster recovery needs – all at a price most companies cannot achieve on their own.

Seven Critical Success Factors for Choosing a Reliable Data Center Provider

This executive report explains the 7 critical success factors when examining a data center provider to ensure continuous uptime in a secure, safe, and well-connected environment. Learn how savvy IT leaders evaluate outsourced data centers to reduce operational costs, focus IT staff back on the business, and extend their resources to innovate to meet the demands of marketplace.

High Performance Computing (HPC) Solutions in High Density Data Centers

High performance computing, or HPC, is helping companies like yours solve scientific, engineering, and data analysis problems – using advanced infrastructure that enables dense server environments to run at extremely high speeds. Learn how forward-thinking CIOs are significantly reducing production costs and increasing profit margins with high performance computing in world-class, high density data centers.

Build or Buy? 5 Key Steps to Overcome Capital Constraints in the Data Center

Are you spending millions in capital to build, plus millions more in operational costs to run and maintain your data centers? Learn how many sophisticated IT leaders are addressing budget concerns and improving productivity – while still benefitting from best-in-class data centers that deliver redundant power systems, efficient cooling architectures, and robust interconnectivity.

Tackling the Critical IT Challenges of Healthcare Reform

HIPAA, the HITECH Act, the Affordable Care Act, and other mandates are forcing the healthcare industry into a new era of IT functionality dependence. Learn how healthcare organizations can effectively address the HITECH Act, the Affordable Care Act, and meaningful use standards while also tapping into the significant cost efficiency, scalability, and security.

Key Steps to Obtain Better Geophysical Data Analysis and Operations in Data Centers

Oil and gas companies require fast access to ever-increasing amounts of seismic data, state-of-the-art data center services and security, and robust network flexibility. Learn how today’s CIOs are efficiently obtaining top-tier infrastructures, high server densities, and ample storage capabilities through every stage of geophysical data analysis.

4 Critical Steps Financial Firms Must Take for IT Uptime, Security, and Connectivity

Every day, banks grapple with over 1.9 petabytes of data and are finding themselves constrained in many ways by their in-house data centers. Learn how more and more financial service CIOs are tapping into a new, proven solution to effectively solve the data security, compliance, and business continuity challenges they face on a daily basis.

How Big Internet Organizations Can Scale IT Infrastructure Securely, Rapidly, and Inexpensively

To meet the unprecedented growth of the digital universe, Big Internet companies are required to be able to scale massively and with extraordinary speed. Learn how Big Internet companies can chart a logical path to rapidly scale up and leverage robust interconnectivity between data centers.

6 Key Considerations for Financial Firms to Improve Security and Scalability of Mobile Banking Services

A growing number of financial companies are colocating their data centers to reduce costs, increase security, and speed development of mobile services. Learn what new kinds of IT capabilities banks need in order to offer mobile banking and how data center colocation can help organizations scale quickly and efficiently, manage large volumes of customer and transaction data, and get to market faster.

Why Healthcare Providers Seek Out New Ways To Manage and Utilize Big Data

Healthcare reform is focused on not only improving how you manage data, but how you use it. More collaboration is necessary, data sharing is becoming critical and community care ideas are taking shape. This contributes to new challenges in a wide range of operational areas, including data protection, regulatory compliance, and IT management. This executive report addresses how HIPAA, the HITECH Act, the Affordable Care Act, and meaningful use attestation have changed IT requirements in healthcare, and how colocation can help.

Data Center Scalability & Capacity Planning: Build vs. Buy

Top considerations for CIOs when investing in IT infrastructure: predicting future software, hardware, and computational capacity requirements is surprisingly difficult—even for a one-to-two year horizon.

Colocation and Cloud Hosting: A Logical Decision for Top CIOs

The only constant for today’s Fortune 1000 CIOs is change. Today’s enterprises increasingly occupy the cloud. As in nature, the IT cloud needs a sky in which to live. That environment is colocation—sophisticated data centers where some of the biggest enterprises and cloud hosting providers in the world can offload the risks of growing capital costs, facility management and obsolescence and focus on their core mission.

Data Center Build or Buy Decision: 6 Top Factors You Must Consider

If your data center is running out of space or power, then you face a significant decision. Your need to make one of two choices: either build and operate a new facility or lease capacity from a colocation provider. The build or buy decision (construction or colocation) should be weighed very carefully, as the choice will affect your company and your bottom line for decades to come.

Can Your Data Center Infrastructure Handle the Heat of High Density?

Nearly half of all enterprise corporations have implemented some form of high density servers into their hardware mix. Migrating from a traditional data center to a high density data center requires an understanding of newer protocols, hardware and architectures.

Data Center Colocation Solves Today’s IT Concerns Head On

If you query CIOs and IT managers worldwide and ask about their most pressing concern, you’ll find that they generally have the same response. And the answer, typically, is not just one thing. Usually several issues come to mind, pertaining to critical areas of business and operational performance.