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Industries We Serve

CyrusOne serves the world’s largest companies, including half of the Fortune 500. Our clients span every industry and include hyperscale, enterprise, cloud, and SaaS providers, as well as leaders in IT, healthcare, financial services, insurance, and the federal government. And our goal is to deliver dynamic, leading-edge solutions that enable your enterprise to be equipped with unlimited scalability tailored to meet today’s high-demand digital needs while positioning you for future growth.

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Digital Technology

As technology companies, especially the Big Five, are charged with unprecedented innovation, speed, agility and reliability, CyrusOne continues to lead the way in advanced data center designs that support large-volume and high-density compute requirements. And as AI adoption grows, our experience is leveraging AI to optimize resource utilization can help your organization make more accurate data center decisions in real-time.

Cloud Providers

IT service providers are forging strategic alliances with CyrusOne to integrate enterprise-grade data center infrastructure and connectivity to fortify their operational flexibility, geo preferences and redundancy. By capitalizing on CyrusOne’s National Internet Exchange (IX) platform—which acts as a gateway to Megaport’s fabric through a 1G or 10G interface—CyrusOne clients can seamlessly connect to premier cloud resources, network operators, and content services. The compelling opportunities presented by these solutions are driving IT service providers to embrace CyrusOne as their preferred partner in navigating the evolving landscape of data center capabilities.

Banking and Finance

Successful financial services and banking organizations must find new ways to compete in an increasingly complex, competitive and growth-orientated industry. Every day, banks and financial firms grapple with processing, protecting, and storing huge amounts of data. When they find themselves constrained by their legacy in-house data centers and connectivity solutions, successful financial institutions turn to CyrusOne to leverage our latest IT data center designs that draw from AI-powered insights.


Healthcare executives are facing unprecedented challenges when it comes to innovation, improving patient outcomes, reducing costs, and protecting against external threats, such as cyber-attacks.  Coupling these challenges with the adoption of new technologies, across healthcare systems that have growing volumes of digital data is leading healthcare organizations to seek new infrastructure solutions and outsourced options for their data centers. Find out what leads these organizations to CyrusOne.

State and Federal Government

State and federal government agencies are often met with the challenge of having to consolidate data centers to control costs, meet government mandates, or distribute infrastructure to meet mission-critical objectives. With evolving data center needs and stringent requirements for security, performance, reliability, and uptime, many local governments and agencies are relying on CyrusOne to ensure their IT infrastructure requirements are efficient, scalable and modernized to better serve their constituents.


Successful retailers are moving their IT infrastructure to well-connected colocation facilities. The thinking behind this shift is the ability to benefit from better-interconnected data center production and disaster-recovery solutions that scale with their business needs. As retailers leverage big data to stay close to mobile consumers and optimize e-commerce shopping options, reliable IT infrastructure is needed to support the growing number of retail applications. Opportunities for retailers to outsource these solutions are leading them to CyrusOne.

Oil and Gas

Supporting the unique requirements of energy production, petroleum seismic processing, and oil and gas data management is no small task. Many energy companies are making the move to a trusted data center partner to improve efficiencies in high-performance computing, growth strategies, data processing, and data backup and transfer. These firms are also looking to advance their disaster recovery initiatives and are counting on CyrusOne’s data center services to help them meet these challenges. Find out more about CyrusOne’s best-in-class data center solutions for energy companies.

Media and Entertainment

CyrusOne provides secure, scalable data center solutions that media and entertainment companies require. With the industry facing changes at an unprecedented pace–like the shift in user demographics and the explosion of digital data–entertainment and media companies must revamp their digital supply chain and use Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) and cloud computing to augment and evolve their business. CyrusOne’s data center solutions effectively meet the evolving data center needs of media organizations, ensuring high performance and connectivity.

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