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Meet CyrusOne’s Executive Team

Gary Wojtaszek

President & Chief Executive Officer
Gary Wojtaszek is President and CEO of CyrusOne, which is the fastest growing Data Center Company in the country and serves the needs of Fortune 1000 companies including 9 of the Fortune 20. The company IPO’d in January of 2013 and is headquartered in the Dallas, Texas area. He has extensive experience working in challenging situations including initial public offerings, leveraged buyouts and restructurings.

Kevin Timmons

Chief Technology Officer
Kevin Timmons joined CyrusOne in October 2011 as Chief Technology Officer. In this role he is responsible for defining and sharing the technology roadmap for the company. He is also responsible for the site selection, design, and construction of CyrusOne’s worldwide data center assets.

Kimberly H. Sheehy

Chief Financial and Administrative Officer
Kimberly Sheehy is Chief Financial and Administrative Officer for CyrusOne. She reports directly to Gary Wojtaszek, President & Chief Executive Officer of CyrusOne. She joined CyrusOne Inc. in 2011 as the Chief Administrative Officer.

Tesh Durvasula

Chief Commercial Officer
Tesh Durvasula is Chief Commercial Officer of CyrusOne. Tesh is responsible for Sales, Marketing, Strategy and M&A, and has extensive operating experience in the areas of data centers, hosting, cloud, fiber optics, and telecommunications.

Scott Brueggeman

Chief Marketing Officer
Scott Brueggeman is Chief Marketing Officer of CyrusOne. He reports to Gary Wojtaszek, President & Chief Executive Officer of CyrusOne. His responsibilities include worldwide strategic marketing, branding, public relations, and advertising.

Dottie Spruce

Executive Vice President – Sales
Dottie joined CyrusOne in 2005 as the Director of Sales, she was promoted to Vice President of Business Development and then Executive Vice President of Sales in 2011. Dottie has been instrumental in driving revenue for CyrusOne over the last six years. In particular, she has developed and led a sales team and generated international revenue in multiple sites worldwide.

John Hatem

Senior Vice President, Data Center Design and Construction
John Hatem handles the financial management and strategic innovations involved with designing and constructing CyrusOne data centers.

Josh Snowhorn

Vice President and General Manager, Interconnection
Josh Snowhorn’s role is driving the expansion of CyrusOne’s use of Internet exchanges at all of its locations to significantly increase the number of providers available to customers and enable Internet peering, and industry changing Seismic peering.

Christopher Opat

Vice President of Critical Infrastructure Services
Christopher Opat’s responsibilities include operations at CyrusOne’s facilities worldwide, driving strategies around the efficient and robust operation of all CyrusOne data centers. Additionally, Christopher has executive leadership of the CyrusOne Service Desk, our primary interface for all customer support.

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