Colocation Solutions

To mitigate risk, scale faster, and turn Capex into Opex, select top-tier colocation solutions

Enterprises are increasingly deciding to partner with a data center services provider instead of keeping the data center in-house. That partnership, known as colocation, enables businesses to place their IT infrastructure in a specially designed, highly secure facility built, owned, and operated by data center providers such as CyrusOne.

There are a number of drivers behind the trend toward colocation including colocation enables companies to mitigate risks, scale faster, and turn Capex into Opex (for more detail, see CyrusOne Value).

Benefits of Colocation Solutions with CyrusOne

Why choose CyrusOne as your colocation services provider? CyrusOne delivers advanced, highly flexible and scalable design architectures support power requirements that can exceed 250 kilowatts per square foot to meet the needs of the most demanding enterprise requirements, and provide optimal redundancy, efficiency, security and future-proof reliability.

More specifically, your business will enjoy the following four benefits when partnering with Cyrusone:

Flexible Design

  • Massively Modularâ„¢ data center technology allows you to very quickly scale up your IT infrastructure
  • Offerings range from cabinets and cages to private suites and data halls. Cabinets feature industry-standard 19-inch width parameters, and are arranged on the floor according to CFD efficiency targets to achieve optimal performance. Access to cages and suites is strictly controlled per your specifications.
  • Your best-fit solution will grow and adapt with you as your data center needs evolve.
    • Secured, shared infrastructure can deliver lower costs and faster responsiveness when you need to change power or size requirements.
    • State-of-the-art technology systems provide low to very high density solutions that are tailored to the rack level; redundancy is tailored to the rack level as well so you can choose your level of power redundancy (2N, N+1, 1N).
    • And your contract is flexible so you can grow into your purchased power and space over a given time period.
  • Choose your own managed service providers and cloud offerings within the data centers – CyrusOne is carrier neutral, entirely dedicated to colocation solutions and related data center services.
  • If you need office space, you'll get access to dedicated or shared office space.

Personalized Service

  • In the design stage, you'll get very consultative engineering design services that include power, usage, floor planning, assessing connectivity needs, and implementation scheduling.
    • You'll appreciate the time CyrusOne spends with you in the scoping, engineering, and implementation phases to ensure the solutions are right-sized for your needs.
    • CyrusOne aligns with your processes and procedures (such as security, change management, incident management, and service management).
  • Once you've become a customer, you'll receive service from CyrusOne employees, not outsourced contractors. So you get expert help from CyrusOne personnel delivering data center services.
    • You'll also be plugged into CyrusOne's partner ecosystem, getting access to strategic partners you can leverage for your own business
  • The CyrusOne team is experienced with the complexities of large organizations and the process, data, and security needs of firms like yours. In other words, the team you'll be working with has a shared common terminology and the experience to help you plan for risks you may not have considered.
  • CyrusOne's customers include more than 130 of the Fortune 1000 companies and nine of the Fortune 20.

Full Transparency

  • With CyrusOne you get a strategic partner, not just a vendor. CyrusOne's goal is to provide the colocation solutions that will help you accomplish your business goals.
  • With CyrusOne's delivery platform, you get industry leading customer self-service, reporting, and overall management to ensure SLA compliance. In fact, you'll get the same or better reporting metrics and results sharing than you have within your own data centers.
    • You'll get a customized pricing model written in plain English.
    • You'll have access to branch circuit monitoring of power usage.
  • You'll have the opportunity to share best practices with your peers during facility Peer Reviews and Carrier Days.

High Reliability

  • By colocating with CyrusOne, you'll get high density/high availability, future-proofed data center environment.
    • Power and cooling architectures utilize advanced components and are designed with N+1 and 2N parallel redundancies, providing 100% uptime with no interruption in service.
    • With CyrusOne's Meshed Design you'll get a much higher degree of resiliency versus other solutions on the market with no single point of failure.
    • Cooling or electrical systems can withstand a loss of two legs and the systems are still 100% operational.
    • Distributed Redundant Electrical Design allows for multiple levels of redundancy within the same data hall.
  • All CyrusOne facilities are fully certified with SSAE16, TIA 942 Top Tier (fault tolerant), HIPAA, and PCI-DSS.
  • And, all of this is supported by a 100% uptime SLA.

Put CyrusOne's flexibly designed, service-oriented, fully transparent, highly reliable colocation solutions to work for you. Schedule a data center tour, contact CyrusOne online or call 1.866.297.8766 today.