High Performance Computing

The growth of big data is pushing companies to process large volumes of information as quickly as possible – something not achievable on standard CPUs.

Cloud-based High Performance Computing (HPC) services allow you to scale your company’s performance and more efficiently collect, process, store, and report data.

Working with hardware and managed services duo Dell and R Systems, CyrusOne enabled the first-ever oil and gas enterprise HPC solution at its Houston West facility. The two technology providers established a working “project partner” alliance, offering customized HPC solutions to meet your organization’s specialized needs.

High Performance Computing data centers feature:

  • Cloud solutions that deploy quickly, are easy to scale, and require less capital and operating investment
  • Parallel processing that runs advanced applications reliably and efficiently
  • Universal solutions that can be used across many different industries and business sectors
  • Multiple levels of redundancy that ensure operation in case of a major power outage
  • Optimum speed, reliability, and accuracy on a 24/7 basis
  • High-density cabinets that support HPC’s uninterruptible, conditioned power connections
  • Continuous supplies of chilled water for cooling – a vital feature for HPC servers
  • Environments that are fitted and appropriate for high-density deployments

With demand for HPC growing across many industries – and in many cases, faster than companies’ own in-house data centers can expand –  the combination of colocation and HPC systems services fulfill a critical need that many firms can’t handle on their own.

With dedicated, secure, and powerful computing resources that can be leveraged for periods of a single day to one year, CyrusOne’s enterprise HPC Cloud solution aligns computing directly to project periods and technology refresh cycles, optimizes resources, and leverages the fastest computer technology available.

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