CyrusOne Market Place

The CyrusOne Market Place delivers a flexible, scalable self-serve option empowering companies of all sizes to secure their IT infrastructure in a highly reliable environment.

For the small and medium businesses, now you can select a data center solution for up to 4 cabinets in one of CyrusOne's state-of-the-art facilities.

CyrusOne Express are fixed price configurations that you can purchase immediately through the online Market Place. Expect state-of-the-art and transparent data center solutions that enable you to optimize capital and operating costs by partnering with CyrusOne.

For the Enterprises that require more than 4 cabinets.

CyrusOne Enterprise enables the selection of various sized options (5 racks or greater) within CyrusOne data centers which provide exceptional environmental and power conditions for data center performance. Select your location and requirement, and contact CyrusOne to be connected immediately with a sales team member to build your customized solution.

CyrusOne solutions grow with your business.

As your business continues to evolve and grow, the CyrusOne Market Place provides a level of scalability that will align with your business needs. With 25 colocation facilities across the United States, Europe, and Asia, CyrusOne helps many of the world's largest global businesses and companies of all sizes take advantage of the latest data center technology and realize top operational efficiencies through flexible design, personalized service, full transparency and high reliability.

Visit the CyrusOne Market Place now to get started.