Data Center Security

Military-grade Data Center Security

CyrusOne takes the effort, expense, and risk out of physical data center security by employing military-grade security protocols to protect physical assets.

Data Center Security for Colocation

With CyrusOne, you’ll benefit from security measures that could include:

  • Onsite data center security guards 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Video surveillance and recording of exteriors and interiors
  • Biometric and key card security for strict access control
  • Turn style and other secure doors to prevent tail-gating
  • Reinforced physical infrastructure that could include concrete bollards, steel-lined walls, bullet resistant glass and perimeter fencing, additional costs may apply
  • Dedicated data halls, suites, and cages to minimize traffic.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing your critical information systems are secure and protected, with virtually zero threat of unauthorized access.

Case Study – County Government Selects Colocation for Expanding IT Infrastructure

Travis County is the fifth largest county in the state of Texas. After several near-disasters which put their IT infrastructure in danger, this county government sought out a secure, cost-effective data center solution.

Learn why Travis County ultimately selected CyrusOne as their colocation provider.

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