Data Center Services

CyrusOne provides the ongoing data center services you need

Why send your valuable staff to the data center to perform tasks that can be easily handled by CyrusOne's expert staff – 24 x 7? You can rely on trained experts to be your on-site hands, eyes, and ears. Get professional technical assistance at a moment's notice. Like an extension of your own IT staff, CyrusOne can keep your equipment running in its optimal condition.

Routine maintenance and performance-related tasks can be easily completed by CyrusOne, though you are of course welcome to conduct them yourself. The onsite data center services you have access to include:

  • Communications (status)
  • Hardware support
  • Health check
  • Installation (upgrade)
  • Data center capacity management
  • Removal
  • Replacement
  • Reporting
  • Tape management

Learn about how CyrusOne can manage your ongoing data center service, maintenance and performance-related tasks as well. Schedule a data center tour or call 1.866.297.8766 today.