Massively Modular Data Center Technology

CyrusOne’s Massively Modular™ data center technology delivers industry-leading energy optimization and just-in-time inventory to meet customer demand.

This design approach enables CyrusOne to commission large data center facilities in approximately 16 weeks, beating the deployment capabilities of the data-center-in-a-box solutions currently being marketed by competitors. Aggressive sourcing enables a speedy commissioning of the site, which in turn enables CyrusOne to deliver inventory just in time to match your demands.

Massively Modular means you get all the economic benefits of a modular design in a large-scale footprint.

And last but not least, we are pairing all our next generation facilities with industry-best office space so it’s a uniquely comfortable experience. You will have ample room to relax, connect, or grab an espresso just a short stroll away from your infrastructure.

Massively Modular. There’s simply nothing else like it in the industry.

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