Multi-Facility Interconnection Platform

Architect your ideal data center solution.

Are you faced with the challenge of handling the explosion of data, applications, and new technology stretching IT infrastructure to the limits?

What's worked for the last 30 years is no longer viable today.

You need to ensure your firm's applications are deployed in highly reliable data centers, and connected for global access to applications and data.

The solution? CyrusOne's Multi-Facility Interconnection Platform enables you to mix and match data center facilities and get full interconnectivity.

In two easy steps, customers can build a customized data center solution for production and disaster recovery AND get low-cost metro interconnectivity.

Configure Active-Active, Active-Passive or a Combination

  • Active-Passive – Use a recovery site for non-production applications. This requires unidirectional data replication from the primary site to the recovery site. The recovery site is used for nonproduction workloads such as business intelligence and reporting.
  • Active-Active – Use two sites for production applications with bidirectional data replication from the primary to the secondary site. Due to the latency requirements for synchronous replication, sites are usually within 40 miles of each other. However, low latency optical interconnection can extend this distance if within five milliseconds.
  • Active-Active-Passive – Use the first and second site for production applications while the recovery site is used for non-production applications and workloads.

Select Low-Cost Interconnectivity between and within Metros

Connect across CyrusOne facilities and telecom carrier hotels in Dallas, Houston, Austin, San Antonio, and Phoenix (and soon other locations) to enable statewide interconnection or between all metro-enabled sites at a reduced cost to you for ports or circuits. Low cost city-to-city connections are delivered thru high speed wholesale connections either via MPLS or Optical Waves.

Configure a virtual on-net platform from a multitude of carriers and providers within metro areas to achieve optimal fit and low-cost interconnection.

CyrusOne customers enjoy the following benefits in the Multi-Facility Interconnection Platform:

  • Reduced Service Costs – While average costs for point-to-point connectivity between data centers can be very expensive, CyrusOne customers can leverage the low-cost of Interconnection platform to implement a multi-site site failover strategy very efficiently.
  • Increased Revenue – Interconnection provides customers the ability to deliver services to other CyrusOne customers, which improves your company's immediately addressable market.
  • Improved Service Quality - With another potential revenue enhancing opportunity, your product offering can become much more resilient when connected to our top-tier, highly redundant facilities in the Interconnection platform.

For more information about CyrusOne's Multi-Facility Interconnection Platform or our enterprise data center services and colocation solutions, please contact us online or call (855) 564-3198 today.