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Environmental, Social and Governance

Our forward-thinking mindset includes our ambitious ESG (Environment, Social Responsibility and Governance) program, a mission-critical focus important to everyone, everywhere: our company and stakeholders, our customers and their stakeholders—and our world. Our sustainability mindset is guided by a qualitative, quantitative and meaningful sustainability plan that includes a goal to become climate neutral by 2030. In addition to reducing our impact on the environment, our progress to be a good corporate citizen will also be measured and judged by our progress in social responsibility and corporate governance. We focus on these efforts because it’s good business, it’s important to our customers and it’s the right thing to do.

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Committed to being climate-neutral by 2030, our sustainability mission is comprised of three focus areas: build data centers that are compatible with a sustainable future; remain committed to conserving energy and water through effective design, maintenance, and operations of our facilities; and be strategic partners for sustainability with our customers to move their goals forward. Learn more about Climate.


CyrusOne’s new data centers are designed to avoid dependence on water consumption-based cooling, providing increased reliability and reducing regional environmental impacts. Combined with our transition to carbon-free energy our facilities are designed to neither consume large amounts of water nor emit large amounts of carbon. Learn more about Water.


Our focus on biodiversity, aiming to protect and improve the habitats where we operate and build, is an integral component of our sustainability program. While our data center campuses are mostly occupied by buildings, we find creative opportunities to use the surrounding land to support a diversity of resilient biological networks, as well as our digital ones. Learn more about Biodiversity.


As an important component of our sustainability program, CyrusOne invests in and employs a variety of methods that support a transition to a circular economy—from initial design to construction and operation. Our focus includes material selection, waste management, and waste heat reuse. Learn more about Circularity.

Data Disclosure Documents

For convenience, important reports and disclosure documents are provided here, including annual Corporate Sustainability Reports, Environmental Policy, Health and Safety Policy, Green Bond Framework, Second Party Opinion, Vendor Code of Conduct & Ethics, Health & Safety information, and Customer Safety Handbook. Download our data disclosure documents.

CyrusOne’s Social Responsibility Program

Our commitment to social responsibility begins with the well-being of our teammates and the connections we make with each other. Through our employee-led CARE³ (Community, Agility, Respect, Enjoyable Workplace, Ethics, Exceptional Service) initiatives, we strive to create a healthy and inclusive workplace culture that promotes engagement, harmony, and satisfaction.

Our efforts center around the key pillars of employee diversity and inclusion efforts; involvement in local, regional, and national organizations and events which promote diversity and career growth; and corporate philanthropy activities in the communities where we operate.

Corporate Governance

Corporate governance and transparency are important to our organization and our stakeholders. CyrusOne is committed to institutional integrity and ethics throughout our organization. We promote these high standards through independent oversite; efforts to diversify our board of directors, leadership positions and positions throughout the company; and annual compliance trainings that cover conflicts of interest, anti-corruption rules, antitrust practices, and more.

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