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Our Plan to Improve Habitats

Our focus on biodiversity, aiming to protect and improve the habitats where we operate and build, is an integral component of our sustainability program. While our data center campuses are mostly occupied by buildings, we find creative opportunities to use the surrounding land to support a diversity of resilient biological networks, as well as our digital ones. As governments and companies throughout the world turn their attention to the biodiversity crisis, standardized metrics and frameworks for assessing habitat impact are under development. In the meantime, we approach our biodiversity strategy through the same hierarchy of control that we use to approach other aspects of our environmental portfolio: reduce impact, restore onsite habitat, and restore offsite habitat.

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Site Selection to Minimize Harm

Our approach for new data centers includes efforts to reduce our impact on the environment by selecting sites where our facilities will not create negative impacts on prime wildlife habitats. .

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Onsite Habitat Improvement

Our sustainability target is to improve the ecological surroundings at each of our facilities, focusing on pollinator-friendly gardens to support local biodiversity. We prefer landscape management practices that conserve water, avoid unnecessary disturbance and chemical use, and strive for a natural aesthetic. This is primarily accomplished through landscaping with native species, which are adapted to the local environments of each facility.

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Offsite Habitat Improvement

CyrusOne’s sustainability approach includes improving biodiversity in areas near data centers when on-site improvement opportunities are not available. Our approach includes working collaboratively with local non-profit organizations and communities to enhance biodiversity in local areas.

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