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Our Commitment

Health and Safety

At CyrusOne, health and safety are at the core of what we do. We view the health and safety of every employee, contractor, vendor, and customer as a fundamental value. We strive for continuous improvement and focus on leading indicators to ensure a safe environment in all our data centers.

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What We Do

Through our Environmental Health Safety & Sustainability (EHSS) department, we work closely with our onsite teams to develop, implement, and maintain our health and safety programs and policies. CyrusOne has a wide range of written EHS Programs that serve as the backbone of our successful EHS performance. These programs help ensure that we not only follow regulatory standards but that we have plans in place to go above and beyond such standards. 

How We Do It

As a company, we aim to achieve excellence when it comes to our health and safety program and performance through our written EHS programs, training, hazard recognition, evaluation, and control, and incident management. Each training course is custom-made specifically for our employees and pulls in examples and real-life situations that are seen in our facilities. New training courses are pushed regularly for our employees to complete. After completing each narrated course, employees must display their knowledge by passing a quiz at the end of each training.

Why We Do It

At CyrusOne, we live by our core values. As seen in these core values, we are here to improve the lives of our stakeholders, communities, and our teammates. We are “Safe By Design” and strive to protect and improve the health and well-being of all our teammates through our health and safety program. Our Near Miss Program helps to proactively identify potential hazards that have not yet caused an incident to occur. Available to all CyrusOne employees, this program allows for near misses to be easily reported and documented online.

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