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Amazon Web Services for Data Centers

CyrusOne’s partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides comprehensive infrastructure and application services that enable customers to run just about anything in the cloud. Connect quickly and directly and get consistent bandwidth – all on a private network.

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Scale Up AWS Port Fee

Our Amazon Web Services cloud solution comes with the AWS Port fee already included. Clients who use AWS in their data centers have the ability to scale up to 10 Gbps.

Reduce AWS Egress Costs

With AWS, returning egress traffic is chargeable between $0.08 to $0.12 per GB. Our advanced digital infrastructure allows us to reduce these egress costs in data centers across the country.

Increase Throughput & Network Consistency

Our software-defined networking platform allows integration with public and private interfaces that increases throughput and network consistency of the service with the help of our direct connection capabilities.

AWS Solution Overview

The AWS cloud solution is available in a number of CyrusOne's data centers around the country.

Our direct connection to Amazon Web Services, through 100% end-to-end core protected/redundant Metro IX and National (city-to-city) IX networks allows users to experience the most fruitful benefits of Cloud Service Provider (CSP) products. This includes bursting into a public cloud when the demand spikes, integrating into multi-cloud hosted environments to avoid data loss and downtime, backing up data between two core facilities, reducing operating costs by buying only what’s needed when it’s needed and avoiding the capital expenditures required to build or upgrade in-house.

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