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Google Cloud for Data Centers

CyrusOne’s partnership with Google Cloud provides enterprise customers with access to its infrastructure and application services with three basic ways to interact with the services and resources.

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Google Cloud Console

The Google Cloud console provides a web-based, graphical user interface that customers can use to manage their Google Cloud projects and resources. Customers can create multiple projects and use them to separate work in whatever way makes sense for them.

Command-line Interface

For customers that prefer to work at the command line, most Google Cloud tasks can be performed by using the Google Cloud CLI. This allows customers to manage development workflow and cloud resources in a terminal window.

Client Libraries

Google cloud provides client libraries that allow customers to easily create and manage resources. They expose APIs for two main purposes: App APIs provide access to services like Node.js and Python; Admin APIs offer functionality for resource management.

Google Cloud Solution Overview

We provide full-scale infrastructure and application services, allowing enterprise customers to do more.

With Google Cloud, enterprise customers are able to leverage the platform’s portfolio of products and computing capacity to develop projects they are working on. Enterprise customers can also use the platform to test new workloads in the cloud, while maintaining an on-prem workload at CyrusOne. The platform allows users to access reliable, high-performance cloud solutions with extremely low latency and scale quickly and efficiently at the necessary bandwidth for any application. CyrusOne’s direct connection to GCP is available in Houston, Chicago/Aurora, San Antonio, Austin and Council Bluffs. CyrusOne also provides virtual access to GCP through the CyrusOne National IX, which delivers interconnection across states and between metro-enabled sites within the CyrusOne portfolio.

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