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HPE GreenLake for Data Centers

CyrusOne partners with HPE GreenLake to provide an as-a-service solution that allows customers to achieve the hybrid cloud experience for all of their apps and data, no matter where those assets live. Enterprise customers can use the open and secure, edge-to-cloud platform, available in various CyrusOne data centers to control and harness mass quantities of data.

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Colocation Provider

By 2025, 80% of enterprises will have shut down their traditional data centers in favor of colocation solutions. If a customer is using or considering using a colocation provider, CyrusOne has colocation offerings in partnership with HPE GreenLake cloud solutions.

Enabling Speed Everywhere

The digital transformation of the HPE GreenLake cloud platform enables speed everywhere and allows customers to achieve the cloud experience for all apps and data, no matter where they live.

"Power of One" Colocation

Customers can access the “power of one” combination of HPE GreenLake’s cloud solutions and CyrusOne's colocation, all in one agreement, from one provider. Customers benefit from a public cloud-like experience while avoiding the cost and burden of running a traditional data center facility.

HPE GreenLake Solution Overview

HPE GreenLake and CyrusOne provide the agility and freedom of CLOUD but with the added dedicated infrastructure and benefits that go with it.

With HPE GreenLake Cloud Solutions, customers can get cloud services without the cost, risk, and time needed to move data and refactor apps. This, in turn, frees up capital, boosts operational and financial flexibility, and frees up customers’ talent to accelerate their business. Enterprise customers can also choose services for their workloads in just a few clicks, pay per use, scale up and down as needed, and get everything managed for them as a service. The platform solves common customer challenges including:

  • Business workloads needing agility and control
  • Organizations needing to cut costs, conserve capital and align costs to the business
  • Digital businesses needing to scale quickly ahead of demand
  • The uptime and security of multi-cloud, hybrid IT operations increasing costs, risks and slowing down profitability

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