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IBM Cloud Direct Link for Data Centers

With IBM Cloud Direct Link services, CyrusOne customers can execute hybrid cloud workloads, operate multi-cloud environments and transfer data with reliability, security, and speed as they continue along their hybrid cloud journeys.

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Extend & Connect Resources

CyrusOne customers can use IBM Cloud Direct Link to connect and also extend resource capacity to their already existing on-premises data centers. The solutions provide a link between cloud capacity and data center capacity.

Store, Back Up, Recover

The Cloud Direct Link solution is ideal for data migration and can replicate data for business continuity and disaster recovery. It also allows customers to back up or store data from the data center to IBM Cloud directly.

Connect to Other Clouds

The Direct Link connection allows customers to connect from the IBM Cloud directly to a service provider-managed WAN or a client-managed cloud backbone to help facilitate multi-cloud connectivity.

IBM Cloud Direct Link Solution Overview

Direct Link is a hybrid cloud connectivity service that provides secure, private, high-bandwidth connectivity between customer on-premises and IBM Cloud resources.

The IBM Cloud Direct Link solution allows customers to seamlessly connect on-premises resources to their cloud resources and offers options for high-bandwidth customer demand. The speed and reliability of the service enables our customers to extend their organization’s data center network while providing consistent, higher-throughput connectivity without touching the public internet. In combination with CyrusOne’s services, Direct Link benefits the customer by offering private connectivity options, connecting to virtual private clouds, and providing access to IBM Cloud services. 

CyrusOne direct connection to IBM Cloud Direct Link is available in Dallas/Carrollton and London. CyrusOne also provides virtual access to IBM Cloud Direct Link through the CyrusOne National IX, which delivers interconnection across states and between metro-enabled sites within the CyrusOne portfolio. 

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