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Oracle Cloud for Data Centers

CyrusOne's partnership with Oracle offers premium access to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), which provides customers with real-time elasticity for enterprise applications by combining Oracle’s autonomous services, integrated security, and serverless computing. The solution helps enterprise customers efficiently run cloud-native and IT workloads.

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Distributed Cloud Strategies

Oracle Cloud users can optimize enterprise applications without costly rearchitecture. The platform is built to address the unique requirements of performance-sensitive, on-premises applications and other enterprise apps without costly and risky application refactoring.

Cloud Adoption Framework

The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure provides access to a full portfolio of cloud services wherever customers need them. They offer a wide range of cloud options including on-premises, hybrid, multi-cloud solutions, and public cloud solutions.

App Development

The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure offered by CyrusOne allows enterprises to build and run cloud-native and third-party applications with open-source tools. No matter the platform, OCI services can easily run open-source and third-party apps and can build cloud-native applications.

Oracle Cloud Solution Overview

The IaaS, OCI platform delivers on-premises, high-performance computing power to enterprise customers to run their cloud native and IT workloads.

In partnership with Oracle, CyrusOne customers can utilize the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) platform to access a set of complementary cloud services that enable the building and running of a range of applications and other services in a highly open, hosted environment. From customers’ on-premises network, they can securely access a flexible overlay virtual network that provides high-performance computing capabilities and storage capacity. CyrusOne has a direct connection to Oracle Cloud in Phoenix/Chandler and Northern Virginia/Sterling. CyrusOne also provides virtual access to Oracle Cloud through the CyrusOne National IX, which delivers interconnection across states and between metro-enabled sites within the CyrusOne portfolio.

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