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Connectivity solutions for today and tomorrow

We provide robust connectivity and the flexibility your business needs to scale for future growth. Using a carrier-neutral approach, CyrusOne enables you to select best-in-class carriers to fit your requirements.

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Leading the path to the future

Always connected.  Always available.  Always online.

Through a carrier-neutral, high-touch approach, CyrusOne provides an outstanding variety of Cloud Service Provider (CSP) connectivity solutions that are customized to the business needs of every customer.

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Best-in-class Carriers

Protecting data with redundant and fail-proof solutions

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Cross-connect solutions enable businesses to service high levels of connection between colocation racks and network providers.

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Metro IX

Metro IX is a highly reliable network connection between data centers within the metropolitan areas where CyrusOne facilities are located.

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National IX

The CyrusOne National IX is a network backbone that provides interconnectivity across states and between metro-enable sites within the CyrusOne facility footprint and beyond.

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Seamlessly connect customer assets with exceptional protection, performance and consistency from CyrusOne data centers across multiple cities.

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C2C Optical Wave

Customers can expect a high capacity for bandwidth-intensive applications and dedicated connectivity with our C2C optical wave.

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IP Bandwidth

Through its IP Bandwidth services, CyrusOne offers highly resilient and dependable internet connectivity that can be customized to fit your networking needs.

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Always Connected.  Always Online.

CyrusOne’s data centers provide the most redundant and fail-proof solutions when it comes to connectivity. Customers’ data is protected with our own core-protected, private network backbone that spans metro IX and national IX levels.

High-tech solutions. Hi-touch service.

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