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City-to-City Ethernet Connectivity

CyrusOne provides seamless connectivity of customer assets across multiple locations through our Ethernet solution, ensuring exceptional protection, performance and consistency. Whether you are navigating common operational challenges or looking for enhanced productivity, our experts are here to find the right solution for you.

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Innovative Features

CyrusOne ethernet is available in Fiber and CAT 6, enabling customers to experience highly-secure, low-latency connections that will serve vital and mission critical objectives with 99.999% reliability.

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Scalable Interconnection

With ethernet, CyrusOne supports customers' interconnection requirements by leveraging protocol to the highest standard, delivering 50 MB to 100 GB of bandwidth with low latency, and dedicated links across metro or intercity networks.

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Always Available

CyrusOne is dedicated to providing the best solutions for a client’s unique business goals and objectives. Because of this, ethernet is available in Austin, Houston, Dallas, NY metro, Cincinnati Metro, Chicago and Phoenix.

A Core Protected Backbone

Customizable solutions for each client’s business objectives

CyrusOne dedicates its forward-minded team of thinkers to helping organizations optimize and provide online applications and services anywhere, anytime. Leveraging our industry-leading network engineers, ethernet delivers unique networking solutions for promoting collaboration and enhancing our client’s communication strategy. We care about our customer’s business as if it were our own, which is why we operate our critical infrastructure to the highest standards. It is our job to help clients prioritize ethernet connectivity at a level that suits their needs. CyrusOne works collaboratively with the world’s leading companies to provide seamless connectivity across intercity and metropolitan areas.

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