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CyrusOne and Megaport

Megaport’s highly-advanced Network as a Service technology delivers dedicated access to cloud services. The Company’s Software Defined Network (SDN) enables the interconnection of enterprises and service providers across CyrusOne data centers around the globe.

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Build a Secure Network

By connecting with Megaport, you are leveraging access to the world's leading cloud providers, including Amazon Web Services, Alibaba Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, IBM Cloud, Oracle Cloud, Nutanix, and Salesforce.

Increased Flexibility

Together, CyrusOne and Megaport give you the power to build a high-performing digital cloud architecture in a fraction of the time compared to the traditional option of best-effort public internet connectivity.

Scalable Interconnection

With Megaport’s massively scalable interconnection fabric and CyrusOne's cloud connectivity services, clients can access quick-to-provision and easy-to-use cloud connections between CyrusOne data centers in the U.S. and around the world.

Reaching for the Cloud

Services that power your business

Through CyrusOne’s alliance with Megaport Ltd., a global leader in software-based elastic cloud integration, CyrusOne data centers can deliver flexible cloud-connectivity services seamlessly and immediately through a single port. Create the perfect cloud connectivity solution by combining Megaport’s software-defined network (SDN) with the CyrusOne National Internet Exchange (IX) platform. This arrangement enables direct connection to top cloud providers through a single point of contact using a cost-effective and user-friendly interface. Learn more about the partnership here.

Megaport in a Minute

Watch to learn more about how CyrusOne’s partnership with megaport gives enterprise customers access to the world’s first elastic, SDN-based interconnection fabric at the push of a button. 

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