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National Internet Exchange (IX)

Providing the highest optimized technical performance for our clients, the National IX platform unites many state-of-the-art data centers within the CyrusOne facility footprint and beyond.

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Operational Excellence

National IX positions your business to serve other customers of CyrusOne, optimizing your company’s addressable market and ensuring an increase in revenue.

Low-cost Implementation

Customers can leverage our leading architectures to improve operational goals, implementing a multi-site failover strategy with the highest efficiency.

Premier Service Quality

When using CyrusOne’s top-tier National IX facilities, clients can expect product offerings that deliver faster, more resilient data center connections.

Best in Class Reliability

Building and integrating across the U.S.

When transporting large quantities of data, clients have the freedom of choice to select one of CyrusOne’s high-quality facilities, the National IX platform, or cross-connect to cloud services. Through strategic location implementation, our customers can mix-and-match data center carriers at a reduced cost via terabit-class capacity or cross-connection. Leveraging the most advanced technologies, CyrusOne delivers robust, national connectivity. Our facilities offer hundreds of available carriers for flexibility and cost management, choice of either dedicated MPLS port arrays or “pay as you eat” scalability, peering protocols via BGP or 802.1Q, low-cost IX ports, and top-tier colocation capabilities.

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