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City-to-City (C2C) Wave

Our C2C Optical Wave provides customers with high-class connectivity between major CyrusOne data centers, carrier hotels and enterprise locations across our long-haul and metro networks.

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High Bandwidth Features

Our C2C optical wave features a service through Dense Wave Division Multiplexing circuits, connections serving high bandwidth applications, and a dedicated channel through a carrier’s network with guaranteed bandwidth.

Quality Interconnection

CyrusOne supports customers' interconnection requirements by enabling point-to-point ring configurations, delivering 1Gb to 1Tb of bandwidth with low latency, and dedicated links across metro or intercity networks.

Readily Available

We are dedicated to providing the best solutions for a client’s unique business goals and objectives. Because of this, wave connection is available in all CyrusOne data centers in Dallas, Houston, Austin and Phoenix.

What We Offer

Redundant pathways for security

CyrusOne designs advanced digital architectures that aligns with your business needs today, while simultaneously adapting to your future needs. Our mission is to continuously provide resilient infrastructures, so that our clients feel confident in their data transference. With C2C Wave, customers can expect a high capacity for bandwidth-intensive applications and predictable latency without deploying high capital upfront. Our secure connections come with high scalability and dedicated capacity that optimizes data-intensive applications. Help your organization stay connected with a reliable network.

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