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CyrusOne offers the best solution for a client’s unique situation, needs and goals. Our dynamic, scalable infrastructure solutions optimize collaboration between employees, clients, partners and suppliers. The flexible architectures we enable provide the highest optimized technical performance and greatest reliability. We bring our expansive network, responsiveness, eco-centric mindset, and customization capabilities to the design table, empowering our ability to deliver quickly and provide dependable operational support and outstanding client care.​

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What We Offer

High-tech solutions. High-touch services.

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We go where you go. CyrusOne is collaborative and co-creative, offering innovative design, development, and construction best practices that empower fast, reliable deployments​.

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Delivering flexible, scalable, high-availability – and sustainable – solutions to hyperscale enterprise, cloud and SaaS providers.

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Data Center Disaster Recovery

Professional organizations prioritize data protection services as a key aspect of their disaster recovery strategy. This involves data backup to ensure business continuity and revenue protection. CyrusOne prioritizes disaster recovery preparedness for our clients.

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Hybrid Cloud

A global network of data centers that provide resiliency, redundancy, and scale​ with tailored solutions and an ecosystem of carriers, software-as-a-service (SaaS) and cloud on-ramps.

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Colocation Solutions

Enabling businesses to place their IT infrastructure in specially designed and highly secure data centers without space, technology, or connectivity constraints.

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AI Data Centers

Intelliscale™ is a state-of-the-art, artificial intelligence (AI) workload-specific data center solution developed specifically to address the rapidly growing needs of AI applications and services.

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