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Build-to-Suit Data Centers

CyrusOne rapidly constructs and delivers large-scale, flexible data center solutions to customers’ specifications for the world’s largest companies – where they need them. Our experience and process enables cost savings, risk reduction, and accelerated revenue. Our design or yours, we are confident that our collaborative and co-creative approach will meet unique customer requirements for large-scale deployments of mission-critical IT assets. At CyrusOne, we are known for innovative design, development, and construction best practices that empower fast, reliable deployments​ anywhere customers need.

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Massively Modular Data Center Technology

The Massively Modular design approach enables CyrusOne to commission and execute extensive data center facilities more quickly. Aggressive sourcing enables speedy commissioning of the site, enabling CyrusOne to deliver inventory just in time to match your expansion needs.

Flexible Data Center Design

CyrusOne’s flexible and scalable data center design solutions will fit the exact requirements of your company – both today and tomorrow.

The Benefits of CyrusOne Solutions

CyrusOne provides clients with quality planning and design, flexible locations, rapid time to market, different electrical system redundancy levels, and a variety of cooling system options. They also provide a range of power-density choices, fast expansion options, robust connectivity choices, and dependable support teams.

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