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Hyperscale. Hyperspeed.

CyrusOne delivers large-scale, flexible data center solutions. We build hyperscale data centers at hyperspeed for the world’s largest companies – when and where they need it.

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Built for Speed

CyrusOne has a strong track record for rapid construction and deployments of major data centers, enabling cost savings, risk reduction and accelerated revenue.

No Constraints

We achieve industry-leading speed to market by use of repeatable modular designs and a robust, mature construction supply chain. Utilization of large land tracts allow for multiple buildings on a single campus, delivering advantages in zoning, utilities, and access capabilities.

Modern Designs

Built with high-touch care in mind, we bring our expansive network, responsiveness, ecocentric mindset, and customization capabilities to the design table, empowering our ability to deliver quickly and provide dependable operational support and client care.

Hyperscale Data Centers

Solutions designed to align with each client’s unique business and growth objectives.

CyrusOne offers the best solution for a client’s unique situation, needs and goals. Our dynamic, scalable infrastructure solutions optimize collaboration between employees, clients, partners and suppliers. The flexible architectures we enable provide the highest optimized technical performance and greatest reliability. While we deliver today, we’re also focused on the future, innovating solutions across cloud environments to help organizations optimize their abilities to deliver online applications and services anywhere, anytime.

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