About Us – An Enterprise Data Center Provider

CyrusOne's core competency is operating
state-of-the-art enterprise data centers for the largest companies in the world

For nearly two decades, global firms seeking enterprise colocation solutions have confidently selected CyrusOne. You too can take advantage of the latest data center architecture and realize exceptional operational efficiencies and availability through four key features associated with solutions from CyrusOne:

Flexible Design
CyrusOne will help you design a completely customized, flexible solution for your data center infrastructure. When you need to scale up, you can do so quickly.  Select low to very high density power solutions tailored to the rack level so you can choose the density and redundancy levels best suited to your needs – now and over time.  You easily move from a rack to a cage, a cage to a suite, or a suite to a data hall.

CyrusOne solutions enable you to buy the space and power you need today with flexibility and options to buy more in the future. Also, CyrusOne facilities are carrier and hardware neutral, which means you're free to choose your own connectivity, service, hardware, and cloud providers.

Full Transparency
Transparency means openness and clarity in all interactions. Receive transparency in communication, management, billing, and service delivery. You'll enjoy a delivery platform of industry best practices such as customer self-service, on-going reporting, and overall environment management to support SLA compliance. And, pricing models are customized for your specific solution and written in plain English.

If you're like most customers, you'll receive better tracking metrics and results than when you were running your own data centers.

High Reliability
At CyrusOne, data centers are engineered to deliver top-tier availability and you can depend on a 100% uptime SLA to back it up. All data centers are built with 2N redundancy of mechanical and electrical systems for a highly resilient environment.

The CyrusOne Meshed Design provides a much higher degree of resiliency with no single point of failure meaning the cooling or electrical systems can withstand a loss of two legs and still remain 100 percent operational. The distributed redundant electrical design allows for multiple levels of redundancy within the same data hall.

Personalized Service
Mission-critical IT infrastructure is your lifeblood. Best-in-class service by CyrusOne ensures you get the support you need, whenever you need it.

You deserve a consultative approach when developing solutions to meet your specific needs. You will appreciate the collaborative time spent scoping, engineering, and implementing all phases of your solution to ensure everything is right-sized for your needs. All data center services are aligned around your business needs, with the proper processes and procedures in place.

Once you become a CyrusOne customer, you'll continue to receive the same level of personalized service day in and day out from CyrusOne employees, not outsourced contractors. That means around the clock access to expert help from CyrusOne's own personnel, unlike the traditional wholesale landlord mentality found in some other data center providers. Plus, you'll be plugged into CyrusOne's partner ecosystem, with access to strategic partners that you can leverage for your own business.

Let CyrusOne focus on building and operating your data center, so you can focus on serving your customers

Unless building and running data center operations is a core competency of your company, it doesn't make sense to focus your energy and resources on data center operations. Let CyrusOne do what CyrusOne does best, so you can do what you do best.

Learn more about how you can leverage the flexible design, personalized service, full transparency, and high reliability of CyrusOne enterprise data center services.Contact CyrusOne online or call 1.866.297.8766 today.